Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Savi leads Reeva to enter the college

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Savi helps Reeva to enter the college premises.

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In tonight's Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode, tension rises as Isha enters the Bhosale Institute of Excellence. She vividly recalls the previous humiliation from Surekha and is determined to prove her worth. When Yashwant questions her presence, she confidently corrects him, stating that she's there as a panellist for the Assistant Professor interview. Initially taken aback, Yashwant welcomes her, but tensions rise as he contemplates the consequences of Isha selecting a candidate they may oppose.

In a parallel storyline, Savi (Bhavika Sharma) borrows essential items for Reeva, who anxiously awaits her at the cafeteria. Savi arrives, providing Reeva with the borrowed items and helping her sneak into the college. Savi encourages Reeva, assuring her that her talent will speak for itself. Meanwhile, Ishaan and Isha cross paths, leading to a tense conversation. Ishaan (Shakti Arora) taunts Isha for prioritizing her career and questions her motives for being there.

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Savi, on the other hand, assists Reeva in navigating the college premises. As Reeva worries about being considered for the position, Savi offers words of comfort. Meanwhile, Ishaan is pointed out to Reeva, but she hides to avoid being noticed. Savi, trying to introduce Reeva to Ishaan, faces resistance as Ishaan questions why she wants him to meet the aspiring candidate. Savi explains the difficulties the girl faced in entering the premises, and Ishaan berates her for bypassing the rules. Ishaan reveals his troubled mind, asking Savi to avoid him to prevent arguments. Concerned, Savi agrees and contemplates finding Reeva, not even knowing her name.

Meanwhile, Reeva prays for success while sitting near the boardroom. As Ishaan enters the room for the interviews, the tension escalates. On a different note, Harini calls Savi, expressing financial concerns about medical tests. Savi promises to arrange the funds and attempts to contact Isha, who remains unavailable. Desperate for money, Savi explores options like proofreading work, all while the interviews unfold, with Isha commenting on Ishaan's behaviour, setting the stage for a dramatic turn of events with the arrival of the next candidate, Reeva.

Precap: Savi's nightmare involving Samarth threatening her family.

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