Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Savi attends Ishaan's lecture but remains firm about returning to Ramtek

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Savi grapples with whether to forgive Ishaan, who apologizes for his past mistakes, while Ishaan tries to win her trust back.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

In tonight's Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode, Harini tends to Kiran's wounds, causing Savi's anger. Savi advises Harini not to fret over a man who troubled her. Harini explains that Kiran is her husband, and it's her responsibility to care for him. Savi counters, saying she need not worry about someone who has harmed her, even suggesting skipping college.

Harini encourages Savi to attend college, assuring her not to be concerned. Savi decides to leave. Isha inquires if Shantanu has left for college. Shantanu says he was about to and asks if Isha talked to Ishaan and what he said. Suddenly, Savi arrives, claiming she forgot a file and needed to pick it up. Isha asks about Kiran, and Savi reveals he's back home, and Harini is taking care of him, fearing he might harm her again. Isha hopes that Kiran gains some conscience. Shantanu suggests they go to college together.

Ishaan surprises Savi with candy floss, flowers, and an apology note for wrongly accusing her. Savi recalls Virat buying her candy floss. Ishaan acknowledges his mistake and apologizes, encouraging Savi to attend her lecture. Isha and Shantanu are pleased. Ishaan leaves, and Shantanu expresses his gratitude to Isha for boosting Ishaan's morale. Isha reflects on seeing the real Ishaan after a long time. Shantanu asks if Savi will forgive Ishaan, and Isha leaves that decision to Savi. Shantanu wonders what Isha would do in Savi's place, and she admits she wouldn't have forgiven Ishaan.

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Ishaan goes to college to start his lecture but is disappointed not to see Savi. Lecturer Neha reminds him his lecture is later. Savi confides in Isha about her confusion regarding forgiving Ishaan. Isha advises her to follow her heart, with Shantanu agreeing. Ishaan anxiously waits for Savi, and Shukla passes by. Ishaan inquires about Neha taking the lecture early, and Shukla clarifies that she's on time. Ishaan nervously waits for his turn, observing a student nervously plucking flower petals. He approaches the student, who quickly flees. Ishaan asks for guidance on doing that.

When it's time for his lecture, Ishaan makes excuses to stall, hoping for Savi's arrival. He commends students who took exams honestly and praises Savi for her brilliant answers. Savi enters the class, and Ishaan congratulates her for topping the exam, receiving applause from the students. The lecture concludes, and Savi follows Ishaan, explaining her hostel room issue. Ishan suggests seeking financial help from Isha, but Savi is reluctant. Ishan offers to drive her to Isha's home, revealing that he's going there as well. Savi is surprised, and Durva becomes jealous.

Precap: Savi invites Ishaan to a farewell party hosted by Shantanu. Isha prays for a life partner who truly understands Ishaan. Shantanu mentions Savi. Isha is surprised, and Savi and Ishaan work on decorating with lights. 

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