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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Pakhi accuses Sai for plotting her uterus removal operation?

Gear up for an exciting episode of the Star Plus show ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’.

Published: Monday,Mar 20, 2023 11:00 AM GMT-06:00
Updated: Monday,Mar 20, 2023 11:20 AM GMT-06:00
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Aishwarya and Ayesha

Star Plus show ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein’ is loved by the audiences. India Forums was the first one to break the news about a new love interest being planned for Sai played by Ayesha Singh. We also exclusively reported about actor Harshad Arora bagging the show as Dr Satya Adhikari who works with Sai in her hospital.

We also reported a track update from the show wherein Sai gets Vinayak to the hospital for his school project. It will so happen, that Satya comes to Sai’s rescue. Sai will be about to fall but in the nick of the time, Satya comes to hold her. The story of the show is now focussing more on Satya and Sai’s budding friendship.

In tonight’s episode, Satya makes Sai meet his mother in a market and they bump into each other. Satya’s mother is looking for a prospective bride for him and finds Sai suitable. She asks Sai about her marriage. Later, she chases her to speak to her and to get to know more about her. That’s when she gets rude to Virat.

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Now, India Forums is here with another shocking spoiler update from the show. As per the current track, Pakhi is irked with Sai and Savi staying at Chavan house. She is irritated with the amount of support Sai is getting from Bhavani, Virat and Vinayak. She’s determined to not let Sai take over her rights as Virat’s wife and Chavan family’s daughter-in-law. In the upcoming episodes, Sai receives an official paper wherein Pakhi accuses her of conspiring against her and removing her uterus as a part of her ploy to enter Chavan niwas. Sai will be flabbergasted by the allegation. 

For the uninitiated, in a massive bus accident, Pakhi was terribly hurt and as a doctor Sai operated on her and had to remove her uterus in order to save her. Virat gave his consent on the same.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming track? Hit the comments section below.

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oye_nakhrewaali 2 months ago I love how people are explaining the plot and real logic in the comments. If ITV starts functioning on remembering their own plotlines and logic, dhanda band pad jaayega🤣 As of this show, Harley Quinn fell in a vat less toxic than this😩
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SweetButSpicy 2 months ago oh god not looking forward to seeing this....
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foreverlazy 2 months ago omg PLEASE these pictures
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Nja91 2 months ago I hope she exposes her own illegal surrogacy while she tries to explain Sai's motive for removing her uterus.
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SakZ 2 months ago It is so hilarious to read the comments. If you hate this much why just stop watching this toxicity?! That is what I did. Now all these non sense updates make me happy, they are so funny. Literally makes me laugh all the time. I am waiting to read more about how far this serial can fall. Lol.
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Gems.musingsRN 2 months ago This woman is so foolish and so is the writer..Virat had given written consent for patralekha's hysterectomy and isn't he her "legal husband" as per narrative ? Then how can this stupid case even be filled? The decision was taken and surgery was done to save this wretched patralekha 's life and was done by Dr Pulkit. Sai was just the junior doctor who was assisting . KUCH BHI BAKWAS DIKHA RAHE HAI PRIME TIME MEIN..such nonsense by this obnoxious character patralekha every time yet her countless crimes get brushed under the carpet. The bias writer /creatives have for Aishwarya Sharma is so evident and that's exactly what doomed what was a good story written by Ms.Leena gangopadhyay.
Reply thumbs-up 6 thumbs-down 0
Cjosh 2 months ago They’ve not divorced yet so pakhi will be dusri aurat she should leave the house Nonsense
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austen-eliot 2 months ago She was desperate to go on HM just two days after major surgery bcz she knew it was then or never after guilt-tripping Virat for doing what was needful in a crisis.
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Rosyme 2 months ago If ppl put cases like this for every surgery done in hospital then all doctors will be busy attending court sessions.
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Prriyanju 2 months ago What nonsense!! First she deliberately stayed inside the bus & was on a suicide mission. Then when she went to HM she threw her meds bcoz it made her sleepy & she couldn't do "waqt bitana" with Virat. Also she was very careless. How is Sai responsible? I hope makers don't show her as victim. Really irritated at her non existent DDP.
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