Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Ishaan refuses to teach unless Savi leaves the class

In the upcoming Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode, Ishaan takes a firm stand against taking lectures until and unless Savi leaves the class.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

In the upcoming Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode, Nishant presents an esteemed budget proposal for the construction of a new auditorium. He emphasizes the importance of having a modern and well-equipped auditorium for the college. However, Yashwant interjects, stating that there is simply no budget available for such a project. Yashwant expresses his concerns regarding the recent report prepared by Isha, which has not only caused financial damage but also tarnished the college's reputation. He acknowledges that Isha's report does have valid points, but he believes that if they were to promote their temporary staff to permanent positions, it would nullify her report's impact. Nishant agrees with Yashwant's idea but points out that it would come at a substantial cost and put a strain on their finances. Yashwant appreciates Nishant's suggestion to organize a cultural event once things stabilize, as this would help regain the college's positive image and capture people's attention.

Isha's encounter with Ankur Sharma:

Meanwhile, Isha is worried about the expense of staying at an upscale hotel. Just then, Ankur Sharma, one of Isha's former students, arrives and reveals that he is the hotel's manager. Isha feels a sense of pride in Ankur's achievements and expresses her belief in his potential from the beginning. Ankur dedicates his success to Isha and shares that he learned about her accident through Savi (Bhavika Sharma). Initially reluctant, Isha eventually agrees to stay at the hotel upon Ankur's insistence. Ankur assigns them a room and advises them to rest, assuring them that they can complete the formalities later.

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While Isha and Savi are in their room, files accidentally fall from the bed, leading Savi to comment that Isha cannot stay calm without working. Savi offers Isha some tea and asks her how it feels to be so loved by her students. Isha expresses her gratitude but also confesses to feeling guilty about Savi leaving everything behind, including her college and studies, to be with her. Savi initially denies leaving Isha but eventually concedes. Meanwhile, Shikha and Asmita call to inquire about Isha's well-being. Shikha speaks to Isha and mentions that she finally gets to talk to her. Isha inquires about Asmita, who reveals that she wanted to bring Isha home, but it was Ishaan who refused to allow Isha to stay with them. This revelation shocks Isha, and Savi takes the phone from her hand and ends the call.

Durva's revenge:

Elsewhere, Durva informs Ayush that someone has come to meet him. Ayush excitedly greets Durva, calling her his best friend, and asks about her plans upon returning to college. Durva reveals her intention to seek revenge against Savi. When Savi arrives, Durva taunts her, suggesting that even criminals' siblings study in their college. Durva gathers everyone's attention and is about to reveal the identity of Isha's attacker, but Savi interrupts by mentioning the person responsible for the fire at the Ganpati Mandal. Savi challenges anyone who wishes to leave the college to do so, prompting Durva to decide to seek revenge.

Ishaan's ultimatum and Savi's sacrifice:

Shukla distributes sweets to everyone, including Savi, and asks her to deliver some to Isha. Durva questions Savi's connection to Isha, to which Shukla responds that he became a permanent staff member thanks to Isha. Ishaan (Shakti Arora) overhears their conversation and inquires about it, leading Shukla to confirm the truth and offer him sweets. Durva points out that even though Shukla is now a permanent employee, he still brags about Isha. Savi defends Isha and asks Durva to show respect to her as she is older. Ishaan intervenes and tells Savi not to praise Isha. Savi questions how he can disrespect Isha. Ishaan instructs Savi to leave the college, but Savi argues that she has the right to attend classes as a student. Ishaan decides not to teach until Savi leaves the class, leading Savi to reluctantly agree.

Savi stands outside the classroom and listens to Ishaan's lecture. Meanwhile, Surekha discusses preparations for Ishaan's birthday with Asmita and Shikha. Shikha asks if they can invite Isha to the birthday party, but Surekha is hesitant, concerned that it might ruin Ishaan's celebration. Shikha remains silent.

Surekha later calls Isha and asks about her well-being. Isha assures her that she is fine. Surekha reminds Isha about Ishaan's upcoming birthday, to which Isha responds that she is aware. After the conversation with Surekha, Isha ends the call, and the episode concludes.


In the precap for the next episode, Isha arrives at Ishaan's birthday party with a cake, but Ishaan angrily throws it away. He confronts Isha, questioning why she came, and declares that the day she left him, she became dead to him. He warns Isha not to come to see his dead body after he dies, leaving Isha in tears.

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The makers have ruined this show. Even the title song has lost it's charm. Ishaan is the most egoistic, horrible and an arrogant person. He easily forgave Ayush and Durva for his selfish reasons but threw Savi out of his class. What a shame. And, the way he speaks with his Ayi is unacceptable.

5 months ago

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