Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Ishaan berates Savi for inviting him

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Ishaan attends Savi's farewell party, but their interaction becomes tense due to his unresolved issues with Isha.

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In tonight's Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode, Yashwant is feeling upset as he recalls Ishaan's (Shakti Arora) confrontation. Ishaan apologizes to Yashwant for speaking to him rudely and informs him that he plans to resign from his position on the board of director the next day. Yashwant expresses his concern, mentioning how he had nurtured and supported Ishaan, turning him into a professor, and now worries about the future of their college without him. Ishaan then points out his achievements, such as winning an economics trophy for the college five years ago and no student having achieved that since. He's confident that Savi can excel in the UPSC exams. Yashwant, however, asserts his indifference towards any student's success and decides to offer a hostel room to Savi. Still, he wants Ishaan to continue his post. After some discussion, Ishaan agrees, and they share a hug.

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Savi (Bhavika Sharma) updates Harini about securing a hostel room with Ishaan's assistance. Harini is surprised, considering their recent disagreements. Savi explains that Ishaan has realized his mistake and acknowledges her right to study in the college. Harini teasingly suggests that Savi might be developing feelings for Ishaan. Savi shifts the conversation to Harini's family situation and Kiran's apology, but Harini reveals that Kiran hasn't apologized, and no one is speaking to her. Savi encourages Harini to stand up against injustice and asks about her plans for moving to Ramtek. Savi also wishes the best for Harini and her upcoming baby.

Savi helps Isha pack her bags, and Isha reflects on how Savi's visit has helped her and Harini. Shantanu playfully says he enjoys serving his wife. Isha is saddened that her son is still upset with her and refuses to talk to her. Savi comforts her and urges her not to lose hope. Isha expresses her scepticism about hope, but Savi notices a flickering light and takes it as a sign of hope. She then calls Ishaan, who is on his way to the college.

Savi requests Ishaan to attend a farewell party for her, saying that she forgot to get his signature on a hostel mess form. Ishaan is surprised by the invitation from someone who used to argue with him, but he agrees to attend. Ishaan arrives at Shantanu's house and helps Savi with decorative lights, ending up entangled in them together. The power returns and Savi thanks him for attending the party. Shantanu and others enter, and they keep Ishaan's presence a secret from their families.

Isha returns home and is surprised to see Ishaan at the party. She assumes it's for her farewell, but Ishaan clarifies he's there to sign Savi's documents. He calls Savi out to speak with her privately and accuses her of intentionally setting up this meeting with Isha. He tells her not to interfere in his personal life and leaves. Savi apologizes to Isha for her actions. Isha understands Savi's intentions and appreciates her effort. They cut a cake and share a heartfelt moment, expressing gratitude for their friendship.

Precap: Ishaan accidentally breaks Savi's hostel room door lock while trying to fix it. They realize their phones are not with them, leaving them to spend the night together. Ishan suggests they pass the time by playing antakshari. When a rat appears, Ishan jumps onto a chair in fear, and Savi playfully teases him about it.

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