Ghar Ki Baat Hai to make weekends lighter...

SRK debuts on television as producer with Ghar Ki Baat Hai on NDTV Imagine...

Love thy neighbor… that is the new mantra for the year from NDTV Imagine. Pack your bags and move into your new home from Friday to Sunday every week at 9:30 p.m. as NDTV Imagine and Shah Rukh Khan's Red Chillies Idiot Box presents Ghar Ki Baat Hai, an irreverent, roller-coaster ride of humor, fun and interesting takes on everyday life. Ghar Ki Baat Hai marks the debut of Red Chillies Idiot Box on to the small screen. This rib- tickling comedy series will brighten up your weekends; starting Friday January 30, 2009 at 9:30 p.m. Ghar Ki Baat Hai is inspired from the 80's hit television series 'Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi'.

This new situational comedy series revolves around the hilarious circumstances and events that take place in the lives of the Yagnik family.  Bringing a big smile to your face is Rajdeep and Radhika Yagnik, who live in Mumbai with Radhika's unemployed brother Kapil Kumar aka Kaku. Apart from dealing with his everyday problems, Rajdeep is constantly put into one-up situations with his incompetent brother in-law forcing his wife to play the mediator in this constant fight between the two! Add to this, the troubles that come from dealing with nosey, irritating and of course, lovable neighbors and you get a contemporary comedy of errors that showcases how diametrically different people unite as a family.

Starring the best comic talent on TV today, Ghar Ki Baat Hai features Sumeet Raghavan as Rajdeep Yagnik, Juhi Babbar as Radhika Yagnik, Swapnil Joshi as Kapil Kumar, Jayati Bhatia as Dolly Ahluwalia and Ali Asgar as Mr. X.  They are joined by a host of other talented artists.

Announcing the new series, Sameer Nair, CEO, NDTV Imagine said, "Ghar Ki Baat Hai offers a great way to have an enjoyable weekend without getting off your couch!  The strong ensemble of talented, comic actors, a hugely hilarious script, contemporary situations and settings, coupled with the strong production and directorial team at Red Chillies is a sure fire-recipe for complete entertainment.  We are very excited to partner with Shah Rukh Khan and his team at Red Chillies on their debut TV production."

Shah Rukh Khan added "As a company this is our first foray into television production and I am equally thrilled and nervous to present Ghar Ki Baat Hai to TV audiences across the country.  We have always believed that comedy is a medium that brings people together.  Our team at Red Chillies are very proud of this show and we look forward to entertaining audiences week after week."

Ananth Narayan Mahadevan, Director, Ghar Ki Baat Hai said, "I'm very excited to be working on such an interesting show.  Ghar Ki Baat Hai is set in today's time and has situations that audiences can easily relate to.  What makes it special is the humorous take we give each of these situations.  I am equally excited to be working with such a talented bunch of actors and the entire team at Red Chillies."

Aziz Mirza, Creative Director, Ghar Ki Baat Hai added "For me this really has become Ghar Ki Baat Hai, as I was also a part of Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi, which is the inspiration for this show.  It is wonderful to be able to bring alive a series like this and reach out to Indian audiences every week. Today, I believe that audiences thrive for a good family entertainer, one that they can sit, watch and laugh together with. I truly believe that Ghar Ki Baat Hai will fill that void.  I'm honoured to be a part of this exciting production."

The title track of the show has been composed by Pritam and is sung by Sukhwinder Singh.

A family that laughs together stays together! So book your seats in front of the television at 9:30 p.m. every Friday to Sunday starting January 30th only on NDTV Imagine!  

To view Telly Buzz Video of the Press Conference organized for Ghar Ki Baat Hai, CLICK HERE...

Pictures: Santosh
Video Courtesy: Supriyo Das

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ohh gr8...!!!! thanx...waitin 4 the show..!!! luks exciting..!!!

15 years ago

I wish the whole team of GKBH best of luck!!!!
And wellcome SRK on the TV again!!!1

15 years ago

this is a good topic for as our union health minister entered into big puddle by his comments and also the issue he is looking at is the tip of the thing i can say that gained a lot of mileage by publicity with his comments and mrs sharmila,SRK and BigB are right on more thing it is pitty about this desiest12 as either he should be ignorant or mentally retarted in his thinking.

15 years ago

i duno its hard to argu this but still i agree the actors shoudlnt smoke on screen tahts all we're asking. screw urself in real life but not onscreen cuz ur a role model to lot of ppl like srk

15 years ago

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