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Get Ready for 'Sparkling Afternoons'-Nakshatra Star Dopahar Contest

Your afternoons will sparkle like never before, as this is your chance to dazzle with the Nakshatra Star Dopahar Contest from 2nd July to 12th July 2007 only on Star Plus!


Sparkling Afternoons with Nakshatra Star Dopahar Contest

Rainy Days are on, so the time is ripe to stay at home all afternoon!! But yes, you might gain by doing so, as Lady Luck can come smiling at you.. All you have to do is, cushion up before your TV set and watch the Afternoon Soaps without fail as the STAR Dopahar band is back yet again with the ‘Nakshatra STAR Dopahar contest’ from 2nd July to 12th July on shows from STAR PLUS’ afternoon band namely: Kumkum, Bhabhi, Saarthi and Karam Apnaa Apnaa.

The contest that begins today will include one question each from STAR Dopahar’s successfully running afternoon daily soaps. Each question will be aired after the respective episode’s freeze. All one has to do is answer each of the four questions correctly to be the lucky prize winner of jewelry worth Rs. 1 Lakh for that day.

The entry mechanism for the contest is

• By logging on to
• SMS the respective show name with the correct option number to 7827.
Eg: Type KUMKUM 01 / 02/ 03, BHABHI 04/ 05/ 06, KARAM 07 / 08/ 09, SAARTHI 10 / 11 /12

There is no time to waste!! Catch your favourite serials and answer the simple questions on Star Plus from 2nd Jult to 12th July daily between 1.00pm – 3.00pm and who knows you might just be one of the lucky winners to dazzle and shimmer with prizes from Nakshatra by just being a couch potato in front of your television set..

Author: Srividya Rajesh
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maha786 2007-08-30T14:21:31Z i really want salman to b out of tht jail and to b freed frm this case i request all u guys to pray for him
Diking 2007-08-27T03:11:01Z salman is a gold hearted, n god will help him out.
*bunnybear* 2007-08-26T16:32:49Z thanks to them...tht they r not replacing any1
RandomSquared 2007-08-26T12:15:45Z uff why cant these ppl jus leave salamn alone, i never heard any1 having to go to prison for dear hunting.
Mrs.SalmanKhan 2007-08-25T16:46:37Z Those people better realease my sallu :@
paki_angel 2007-08-25T15:06:55Z salman is da best n der is no way they can keep salman locked up for long!!!!!
sallu_lover 2007-08-25T06:55:44Z aww soo sweet of boney for not replacing my sallu
Too_Much 2007-08-25T05:22:07Z DOnt worry boney uncle....sallu bhai will be back in 8 days
damilola 2007-08-25T05:09:23Z good dat hes not replacing salma cos my sallu in ireplacable
reemx 2007-07-02T22:25:24Z The 3 of them looks grate especially jhallak.
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