Geetu Bawa and Vimarsh Roshan happy as man and wife...

Geetu Bawa and Vimarsh Roshan got married in Delhi on 21 February...

Geetu Bawa who is popularly known as the tantrum prone Poonam of Imagine's  Jyoti, recently tied knot with none other than the model turned actor Vimarsh Roshan popularly known as Naveen Rajvansh of Star Plus' Bidaai.

According to our source, "Both had worked together for Jyoti, but had known each other even before the show happened to them. But the show gave them the space to get to know each other well and eventually, decided to take their life ahead together. The duo got married on 21 February."

We contacted Geetu and she said, "Yes, we got married in Delhi on 21 February."

Speaking about the developments in the relation she says, "We both met through a common friend and we got along well from then on after which we decided to spend the life together. The developments were really fast and we got married within the seventh or eighth month after we met and it is a really nice feeling."  

But there seems to be no break for the couple, as Geetu says, "We both are continuing our work and hence there is no break for both of us."

We wish both Geetu and Vimarsh a happy married life.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Saranya Valsarajan

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Comments (11)

she was even popular in dharam veer and rajkumari sia
and in serial chand ke paar chalo as i just cant remember...

good luck to them

13 years ago

WOW the gal married this jerk oops guyafter this guy washed his dirty linen in public in Sach ka samna just for money n cheap publicity still she married great love is blind LOL. congrats gal u married a masterpiece sleeps with his BFF 's gf,impregnates a gal forces her abortion was involved in drugs n he even dislikes dark ppl great kya admi hai
No offence to his fans saw his real face in that show

13 years ago

yeah as far as i know though they worked in the same show they hardly or maybe had no scenes together. but anyways wish the couple a happy married life

13 years ago

@_Vrish_ As much as i remember they had no scene together

13 years ago

thank for the awesome articles


13 years ago

In other words, from Jyoti, Poonam has married Sumer Well, given how unhappy Poonam was w/ Deepu and Sumer was w/ Asha, not a bad idea Maybe Asha could marry Deepu?

Anyway, all the best to the new real-life couple [=D>]

13 years ago

he was playing Naveen in Bidaai.choti maa's son...
Happy Married life !!!

13 years ago

@coolgirl .. she was poonam .jYOTI's brtother sandeep's wife.. he was jyoti's jeth or kabir's big bro

13 years ago

congrats to both of them hope they have a happy married life

13 years ago

hey i even saw her as siya in dharam veer...n she was jyoti's brothers' wife...congo to her...

13 years ago

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