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Gazal Rai Reporting!!

The star facing our set of Rapid Fires this week - Gazal Rai...


Courtesy : <img src="images/uploads/69E_ghazal.jpg" align="left" border="" height="400" width="267">

Life is: Like champagne ....glittering and beautiful

Love is: Love is to make someone happy, to be for someone, by someone and to make that someone your everyone.

3 things you cannot do without: Love , luck and blessings.

Your dream role: Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

If not an actor, you would be: May be a fashion designer or a cook.

Pleasant memory: My college days.

A friend to you means: Everything! A push when you are stopped, a touch when you are lost, a word when you are quit, a smile wen you are sad,a shoulder when you cry....in short everything.

You are Crazy about: Simple things like chocolates, flowers, cartoons and collecting photographs.

The best couple in LRL beside Ali and Pooja, would be?:I think Captain.Rajveer and Dr.Ritu / The teacher Yoga and Yudi .

Fans to you are: Who gives you all the love and don't expect anything in return, they bring out the best in you ,they wish the best for you....all without any expectation; because they are forever adorable and nicest sweethearts.

Lastly, a special message to all your fans in India Forums: Thanks a lot for so much of love. Keep loving me, keep smiling and God bless all..

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Too_Much 12 years ago hmmmm so they are good on TV only kyaaaaa
ajooni 12 years ago they stayed for a very short time on SVOI and JDJ..we only got to see their interaction with each other and not with others.typical star kids!!
shakta 12 years ago I do not remember her from any serial or show but ggod answers and sweet baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
griffy.fz 12 years ago aww sweet inetrview!!!
bets of luck to her
anku2cute 12 years ago awwww suchh a sweet meaning of a fan for her...lovedd it
Shikhoo 12 years ago daying to see back oc lrl,
gazal you are the sweetest.
-Mansi- 12 years ago Ghazal..after sucha long time..hope she comes bak sooooooon.!!!!!
adoremevirgo 12 years ago Has she left LRL, y cant we see her anymore?
-DulceMaria- 12 years ago lovely article Zee.
loved all her answers esp Raj-Ritu pairing one.
delo 12 years ago Cooollllllll...
Nice answers...
Miss u in LRL Gazal
Hope to see u back !!
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