Gaurav Pandey reveals how he bagged 'Tumse Na Ho Paayega'; Remarks on OTT platforms

In an exclusive interview with India Forums, Gaurav Pandey revealed his reaction to bagging the role in "Tumse Na Ho Paayega" and his take on OTT platforms.

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Gaurav Pandey

Gaurav Pandey is an Indian actor whom you might recognize from various advertisements for well-known brands like Colgate Plax, OLX, KFC, Sprite, and Volkswagen. He made his debut in the film industry with a supporting role as Shaunty in the movie "Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania". Additionally, he appeared in the web series "A Man's World" and played in the film "A Flying Jatt," directed by Remo D'Souza.

Talking about his recent work, Gaurav Pandey is seen starring in the movie "Tumse Na Ho Paayega," portraying the character of 'Sharad Malhotra'. In an exclusive interview with India Forums, the actor revealed his reaction to bagging the role and his take on OTT platforms.

What was your initial reaction when the role was offered to you? 

Basically I ran after the role. I got to know that this movie is been made. My best friend "Nihal khan" was involved as the costume designer and I was like buddy try finding out if there's any openings for an actor. He's like there is but they they are considering someone else for it. But let's see, I can put in a word and somehow, somehow luckily for me, it didn't work out with that actor. So I auditioned for it. I sent my audition, I was in Delhi, I self tested and I send the audition and they really liked Ashwini, Ma'am, Abhishek sir, our director, all of them really liked it, even Sid Sir. Everyone really liked it and I happen to be on board this.

Well, actually we can see many television actors, and you know that they're looking forward to OTT because people say OTT is the new book, OTT is the new thing. OTT brings out content. How would you define the OTT platform for us?

See, the thing is, it is the new gold mine, I'd say. And when I say gold mine, what I mean is that it is a new expansion of what we already had in terms of TV, and that is expanded in a way where they have merged together first. And there are more jobs for all kinds of people, not just actors who are being seen in front of the screen but also, you know, people working behind the screen, you know, all kinds of departments. Everyone is getting more jobs. So, which is collectively very good for all of us. So I'd say OTT is the boom, OTT is this new thing that's really fruitful for all of us, provided we use it the right way. That is, you know, we can't just start making everything. 

He further continued stating that some good films tend to get lost in the crowd of OTT content. Talking about the same he said, "We're going to still put in the effort in making this, making sure people are connecting with the script. You put in all the research, you got into the depths of filmmaking, and then you made something that comes on the OTT platform. Because what happens is that when there is too much traffic on the OTT platform, some of the good films get missed. You know, because there's so much to watch, first people get confused, so the thing is, you have a way of making so much content right now because of the OTT opening. But then let's make sure we put in all the efforts before and after the production or so."

Well currently the actor is busy basking in the success as he has been receiving some reviews for his performance in 'Tumse Na Ho Paayega'.

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