Gaurav Gera's gags on Imagine..

Gaurav Gera will be in charge of the 'Gags' section in NDTV Imagine's Oye... It's Friday..

Nandu of Jassi, Gaurav Gera is back to television and will be presenting to the viewers a new flavor of ‘gags’ on NDTV Imagine’s Oye….It’s Friday.

“I will be handling the gags section of the show. It will be something similar to the one in Movers and Shakers”, quips an elated Gaurav.

This section in Oye…It’s Friday will be handled solely by Gaurav. “I was looking out for such a stint on television, and fortunately this show came my way”, adds the actor.

So what’s next after this? “In television, there is nothing else. But there are few films in the pipeline”, concludes Gaurav.

So viewers, get ready for a laughter riot with Gaurav… 

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi


Gaurav Gaurav Gera

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shanti05 11 years ago WOw after a long time Nandu Great to see you and all the best !!!
Kai. 12 years ago i get fed up of 'ash abhi' thing with amitabh get involved into everything....lol her karva chauth was made a big hype for no reason now there wedding anniversary...give me a break!!!
ppl really in love keep their private matters to themselves
Ranbirrocks 12 years ago There are so many superstars and no news comes about how SRK or Amir or Hritik are celebrating their anniversaries...so why Bacchans anniversary is importat to be published as a news item....i completely fail to understand the hype ...or is it coz Sarkar Raj needs extra publicity ?
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