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Mihir Mishra and Mona Vasu will be coming together in a romantic comedy show titled Koi Mil Gaya Dot Com.


Mihir Mishra and Mona Vasu have been out of action for a really long time. The actors will now be seen in a new show titled Koi Mil Gaya Dot Com. The romantic comedy will be produced by Endemol (this is the first time that the production house will making a fiction show). The show will revolve around an NRI guy and his search for a life partner.

The shooting for the show will be commencing soon and will be on air in a few months time. This show will be a come back of sorts for both the actors who have been seen only doing cameos on various shows.

Says Mihir, " I play a young NRI guy who comes to India in search of his partner. Its about how he goes around finding the girl. He is a nice, good natured, rich guy with comic elements in him besides I play my age in the show. It will be a situational comedy and have doze of romance in it as well. I have done a comedy show earlier, but this is very new and different. It does not entail slapstick comedy. One doesn't get to do this kind of a show very often and I could experiment a lot with this show."

Adds Mihir, " It was good fun shooting with Mona and the production house. I am looking forward to this show. I will be able to give out details about my role when I start shooting again."

Mihir will be given a young, funky, different and never seen before look in the show very different from his doctor- look in his previous shows.

Mona Vasu(whose claim to fame was Milli on Star Plus) was unavailable for comments.

To note, Mihir is doing a negative role cameo in Zaara and was seen in Kumkum while Mona has only been seen in a host of cameo roles.

Author: Sheikh Jelani
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Effervescent_R 2007-11-06T02:56:17Z my mihir 's coming back on tv yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!
khawla 2007-10-13T06:48:06Z what channel will this show come on?
pomegranate 2007-10-12T21:50:12Z nice but no exceptional srry to say
~LiNa~ 2007-10-12T20:30:59Z yea what channel will this show come on?

thanks for sharing!
~*puja*~ 2007-10-12T13:32:27Z Looks like an interesting and fun show, but what channel will it air on?
Yuvika_15 2007-10-12T10:25:26Z what channel will the show come on?
*bunnybear* 2007-10-12T09:51:59Z he eh...sounds fun...i love mihir mishra
memsaab 2007-10-12T07:33:20Z I saw a show ages ago named Mr. Yogi. the concept looks like the same..
girlfairy28 2007-10-12T07:31:23Z on wht channel wud this show air on?
BTW good article and pictures
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