Game for romance and comedy!

Mihir Mishra and Mona Vasu will be coming together in a romantic comedy show titled Koi Mil Gaya Dot Com.

Mihir Mishra and Mona Vasu have been out of action for a really long time. The actors will now be seen in a new show titled Koi Mil Gaya Dot Com. The romantic comedy will be produced by Endemol (this is the first time that the production house will making a fiction show). The show will revolve around an NRI guy and his search for a life partner.

The shooting for the show will be commencing soon and will be on air in a few months time. This show will be a come back of sorts for both the actors who have been seen only doing cameos on various shows.

Says Mihir, " I play a young NRI guy who comes to India in search of his partner. Its about how he goes around finding the girl. He is a nice, good natured, rich guy with comic elements in him besides I play my age in the show. It will be a situational comedy and have doze of romance in it as well. I have done a comedy show earlier, but this is very new and different. It does not entail slapstick comedy. One doesn't get to do this kind of a show very often and I could experiment a lot with this show."

Adds Mihir, " It was good fun shooting with Mona and the production house. I am looking forward to this show. I will be able to give out details about my role when I start shooting again."

Mihir will be given a young, funky, different and never seen before look in the show very different from his doctor- look in his previous shows.

Mona Vasu(whose claim to fame was Milli on Star Plus) was unavailable for comments.

To note, Mihir is doing a negative role cameo in Zaara and was seen in Kumkum while Mona has only been seen in a host of cameo roles.

Author: Sheikh Jelani

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Mihir Mishra

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my mihir 's coming back on tv yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!

16 years ago

what channel will this show come on?

16 years ago

nice but no exceptional srry to say

16 years ago

yea what channel will this show come on?

thanks for sharing!

16 years ago

Looks like an interesting and fun show, but what channel will it air on?

16 years ago

what channel will the show come on?

16 years ago

he eh...sounds fun...i love mihir mishra

16 years ago

I saw a show ages ago named Mr. Yogi. the concept looks like the same..

16 years ago

on wht channel wud this show air on?
BTW good article and pictures

16 years ago

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