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Gajendar's heart attack leaves Aditya in dilemma in Laado

Gajendar's sudden health problem will create unrest between Aditya and Tanisha in COLORS' Na Aana Is Desh Laado..

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The love story of Aditya (Shresth Kumar) and Tanisha (Neelam Bhagchandani) in COLORS' Na Aana Is Desh Laado is heading towards a jittery path now, what with Aditya getting smitten by the responsibilities he has to take up for his family!!

In the last episode, viewers have already witnessed the changed behaviour in Aditya when he was about to kill the person who beat him in the night club with a rod.

Amidst all this, Ammaji and the entire family is upset over the fact that their 'laadla beta' will soon go back to USA after getting married to Tanisha. Ammaji tells Joginder and Gajendar that they have to do something that will stop Aditya from going abroad.

Our source states, "Gajendar (Anand Goradia) is a sad father and he just cannot accept that his son will be leaving him very soon. This anxiety takes a toll on his health and he suffers a heart attack. The entire family is grief-stricken when the doctor tells them that he is actually brooding over  the very thought of his son's departure. This will again put Aditya in a tight spot. There will ultimately arrive a situation where Aditya will be forced to settle with his family post his marriage. He will get to a situation where he has to take charge of his father's work and business and be the bread winner for his family.. This will definitely not be taken well by Tanisha, and she will force Aditya to get going from the house. All this will give rise to an ego clash between the two".

If sources are to be believed, the situation will go worse when Tanisha, on the D-day of her marriage decides to leave Aditya and go back to USA. And we also hear that a new face Paridi, will be roped in as the new girl  to enter Aditya's life at this juncture..

What will be interesting to see is whether Gajendar really suffered from the health problem or he simply faked the attack to put pressure on his son..

We tried calling Shresth Kumar and Neelam Bhagchandani, but both remained unavailable.

Viewers, get ready for all the drama which takes place amidst the happy ambiance of the wedding in Na Aana Is Desh Laado..

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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PemaKarpo 10 years ago @phoo- I don't think he has a brain in the first place! Neither does he have a brain nor does he have a spine! Not to mention his false ego and unwanted display of machismo! A man cannot be more impotent!
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phoo_12 10 years ago i think is person will die q ki he is playing a new role in DHOL a new soap so may b he wanna leave this.but otherwise he wll pretend to b so .adi is educated bt he dsnt use his brain a lot .
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radt 10 years ago I am happy for Tanisha!
Poor girl! She's quite lucky!
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nikita_88 10 years ago Awww Poor Tanisha but I am glad she is getting out but I do want her to stay in the show!
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anna44 10 years ago I bet he fake heart attack to make sure Aditya won't leave them and go back to USA
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abi71 10 years ago definatly fake heart attack after all he is amma ji son and all her life she manipulated her children
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sali195 10 years ago It is sooooooooo obvious that gajendar is gonna fake the heart attack why doesn't he just suffer a real one and die maybe that is more likely to make us viewers happy lol. Why doesn't this tanisha just leave she is obviously a more modern person who comes from a more open family and so can never cope the wrath of ammaji. But then again they r gonna keep her and drag this stupid story and milk it for all the nonsense it's worth.
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sallu_lover 10 years ago it is 100% fake heart attack..... we know now wat happens in the show these days... this is nothing new
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--Saaki-- 10 years ago The heart-attack is fake for sure......
Tanisha going back & some other girl entering???????
Sounds interesting but have to watch how the gal will be like.......
We want more of ViDia & SD....thyan these crap dramas plzzzzzzzzzzzz.................
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Rashu1505 10 years ago bore show its getting messed up day by day
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