Gagan Malik, Neha Sargam to play Ram, Sita in 'Ramayan'

Actors Gagan Malik and Neha Sargam will be seen as Lord Ram and Sita in the latest, small-screen version of mythological epic "Ramayan".

Actors Gagan Malik and Neha Sargam will be seen as Lord Ram and Sita in the latest, small-screen version of mythological epic "Ramayan".

The show is aired on Zee TV, and currently shows child versions of the characters. However, it will take a leap of time and will show the two actors in their roles starting Sunday, said a statement.

Gagan was earlier seen in shows like "Pratha" and "Navya", while Neha is known for "Punar Vivaah" and "Chand Chupa Badal Mein".

Both of them are excited about their association with this big-ticket show, produced by Sagar Arts.

Gagan has done his homework to essay the role, and said: "Playing Ram, unlike any other character I have played so far, requires a great deal of preparation, be it in terms of reading up on the finer nuances of the Ramcharitmanas or studying and imbibing everything that Ram stood for."

"As an actor, it will be my endeavour to get the body language, the demeanour, the tonal quality of my voice and the diction right," he added.

The show's leading lady, Neha is upbeat as she has childhood memories of her grandmother narrating the tales from the Ramayan.

"She would tell us sisters about how each of us should strive to emulate Sita when we grow up. While I don't know if I have been successful in emulating Sita's virtues in my personal life, landing this role is the closest I will ever get to living out my granny's dream for all of us," said Neha.

Actor Neil Bhatt, who shot to fame as Abhi in "12/24 Karol Bagh", will play the role of Lakshman.

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Comments (83)

ohhh wow gagan ji love to see u as ramji u r, u r so cute and handsome. love u

11 years ago

waiting for Neha and Neil... they are gonna make the awesomest bhabhi-devar jodi as Sita n Lakshman... Woohoo!!!

11 years ago

waiting for ur entry...i love u, u wil be the sweetest sita

11 years ago

All the very best to them both!
Neha looked you in Punar Vivaah as Neelam xox

11 years ago

Neha u r just perfect for Sita Devi's u lotz.
All the best to the entire cast n crew of Ramayana.

11 years ago

All the best!! Neha you were great in Punar Vivah!!

11 years ago

Good Luck Neha !! Loved your cameo in Punar Vivah! :)

11 years ago

Punar Vivah of luck to this show...its already getting the numbers as aexpected

11 years ago

waiting only for u neha...u define grace , beauty,and simplicity everything for a lot all the best for ramayan u will rock JAI SIYARAM

11 years ago

I loved her acting in Punar Vivah...I hope Ramayan does well for all involved in this show

11 years ago

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