Gagan Malik hurts himself..

The actor hurts himself while shooting for Star One's Shakuntala...

Gagan Malik who rose to fame with Kumkum and Saath Saath is quite happy with his latest stint in Star One's Shakuntala. But as it is truly said 'No pain, no gain', the actor has hurt himself while shooting for the show.

"I have hurt myself while fighting with the sword. The weapons used in the serial are very real and heavy to handle", says Gagan.

He is essaying the role of Senapati Veer. "There are lots of fight sequences as I essay the role of senapati. Recently while shooting for a sequence, I hurt my hand with the sword, though it was not major. As we are using the real weapons, the risk of hurting others and ourselves is more, so we have to be cautious".

They do rehearse the scene daily before the shoot. "We rehearse for two hours on the previous day of the shoot. However, I am enjoying my stint in the show as I always wanted to do a periodic drama", he chirps.

At the end the actor concludes saying, "I really wish that people love my new look and the show too".

Madhura Naik and Sunny Nijar had also hurt themselves while shooting for the same. So it seems now the channel and the production team needs to take more precautions when it comes to the safety of actors.

From the coming week, Shakuntala will be aired from Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm on Star One.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Gagan Malik

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Madhura Naik

Comments (7)

hi gagan! it is painful to me that u hurt yourself .... but i m very much impressed by senapati veer.....

14 years ago

omg shooting with real weapons? dangerous! who he is he in shakuntala? i mena whih roel he is playing? is he teh new guy who cme inthe last epi n was fighting with gauri? :S

15 years ago

yikes, that''s scary! Glad they are all ok!


15 years ago

I love watching Shakuntala now, its soo addictive!

Of course they need to take care of the actors/acteresses...Hope he gets well soon

15 years ago

sunny nijjar is in the show??
i really missed him man

15 years ago

tak care dear .......
the role suits u ..
wel done

15 years ago

The scenes were awesome ...... But take care dear

15 years ago

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