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From Roadies to Bigg Boss- Ashutosh Kaushik

The winner of Bigg Boss Season two, Ashu is happy to chit chat with Telly Buzz on his experience, girlfriend and housemates...

Published: Thursday,Nov 27, 2008 11:40 AM GMT-07:00
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From Roadies to Bigg Boss, winner of two reality shows… how does it feel?

I felt the same when I won Roadies. I just have one work and that is to win reality shows (laughs) as I don’t have anything else to do. Somebody asked me as to why I’m in Bigg Boss and I said, I don’t have any other work to do, so I came here.

Meeting your housemates again after a long time? Elaborate your experience

Well till now I had just faced camera and talking about people, it feels great that so many of them are here to join me in my celebration. My eyes were too tired in the house, looking for those specific faces (grins). Now I feel I’m alive again and it’s a great feeling to meet my family and friends.

Sonel did not come to greet you. Why?

I really have no idea why she did not come. I’m very eager to meet my girlfriend and share this happiness with her.

Do you think that the rapport between you and Diana could be the trouble maker in your relation with Sonel?

Diana is just my good friend. I was correct on my part and Diana was right too. In fact she was the only girl in the house to whom I could talk properly and comfortably. If Sonel is insecure with that, then I don’t know, as there is no such reason. I will try and convince her, let's see.

If she has done that, then I need to ask her few questions. She is lying and we are very much a couple. After this I will go to and solve those issues, if there is indeed some problem. I don’t know why she thought of it. I’m sure I’ll be able to persuade her.

Which of the two reality shows is closer to you?

Of course Roadies, as through that show I got Bigg Boss and if that had not come my way, I wouldn’t have been sitting with you people today. I did not know how much fame I got after finishing Roadies, but people did notice me; so after Bigg Boss, I think that will increase. Roadies was more for the youth and this show was also watched by families, so definitely people would have noticed me more in BB.

You have set an example for the people who want to grow in life..

After winning Roadies, I went to my school and there every body started saying that this boy was very talented and so on. I told masterji to stop and started telling other children that I was dumb when it came to studies. I passed my exams by copying. In my school, teachers are preaching that if you study well then only you can have a bright future, but I want to change this thought process.

I feel such thoughts demoralize the lesser talented ones. It puts a wrong impression in a child. When I entered Bigg Boss house, I saw many talented people with me, but the result is in front of you now!!.

How will you spend the winning prize money?

Let me see how many stage shows I can do more(grins) Also I am planning to buy a house in Mumbai. I remember those days after winning Roadies, when people used to see me sleeping on the roads. I felt ashamed of my title, that even after winning the show, I did not have a roof over my head.

What next, Films or Television?

What ever comes first!! Well I would like to go for Bollwood. I had a wish of meeting Akshay Kumar which is now fulfilled, and this time I wish to work with him in a comic film. Let’s see when that happens.

Talking about television, I really don’t know. If I get good offers, then definitely I would take it.

Tell us what kind of relation you and Rahul share?

While entering the house, I told Bigg Boss that if I win, I want to win or loose in front of Rahul bhaiya. He is like my elder brother and will always be.

Why has your relation with Diana been hyped?

I really have no clue as she is just my friend. I think I need to tell Diana to tie rakhi  on me, in front of everyone. I don’t care about such people who talk. I feel someone who is talking about me does not have any other work to do,  in a way it’s good.

Elaborate the relation of yours with Diana?

She was the one who always corrected me. I like her nature which is very caring and she never used to differentiate any one. For me it was a big thing that a Miss World came and talked to me with so much of ease. Besides that she used to handle kitchen so well. Till the time Diana was there in the house, I got my breakfast, but after that had to eat whatever was available.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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fly2me 14 years ago It''s been 5 days and he has bot seen his GF!what the heck!
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sweet_angel27 14 years ago cool!I never expected that he would win,I wished zulfi won
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Surbhi_rox 14 years ago ashu was a needy, sometimes i feel pity on his conditon, n sometimes so angry, coz he was so lazy in d house, always sleeping, n he didn''t even meet his grlfrnd, became a crorepati, soforgot his relations, selfish ashu!!
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Ultimate_Shadow 14 years ago weird few months back he said sonel isnt his gf now he says she is ....!!!!!!!!!!
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-PoisonIvy- 14 years ago Ridiculous! Its been 5 days now and he still hasnt got in touch with his gf? Hes busy giving one interview after another but does not hv time to contact Sonel!

And he says ''she is lying''

yeah sure!

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lipshaa 14 years ago Cool.....
He really deserve that crown!!
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-Mansi- 14 years ago Sonel is his girl-friend??????????????????
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saylithegreat 14 years ago great going ashu
keep it up
wish u all d very best
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freezinme 14 years ago great job ashu..!! lol sonel lied abt thier relationship..hhehe
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