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'Format change does not make difference to me now' -Aishwarya Nigam

Aishwarya Nigam's elimination from Star Plus singing reality show, Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar irked the judges so much that they demanded a change in the format.. Here is the singer talking on the same..

Published: Saturday,Apr 26, 2008 10:33 AM GMT-06:00
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Aishwarya Nigam, one of the contestants during Challenge 2005 in SaReGaMaPa and winner of Ek Main Aur Ek Tu took to the podium of Star Plus’ Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar with great élan and confidence. But the singer with a fascinating voice found himself out of the competition this week, much to the dismay of the judges and audience.

Here is Aishwarya talking about the elimination, the loophole in the format of the show and much more..

Format change does not make difference to me now -Aishwarya Nigam
You were talked of as a favorite to winning Star Plus’ Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar. How do you feel now after getting eliminated?
I feel really bad to get eliminated in this fashion, that too after being the first contestant to get 30 on 30 from the judges in the first episode. Even in the second, I performed really well.

What do you feel about the overall concept of Champions Vs Challengers?
The concept of Champions Vs Challengers is enthralling. With this reality show, the Challengers get yet another chance to out beat the Champions. On the other hand, the Champions who have been winners before are put to acid test again, and they have a big responsibility in hand to do well.

So what do you think went wrong in the format of elimination?
Well, the main problem with the elimination format was that the sword of uncertainty hung over the Champions always, while the weakest singer in the Challenger team remains secure even now. It will so happen that the Crème of talents in the Champion team will be wiped off one by one, and this is visible already, as it was first Ujjaini and now me.

Do you feel Farah Khan’s outburst while awarding Himani her marks and also after your elimination was justified?
Absolutely! Though we all knew that this is going to be the format and readily accepted the challenge, there was something amiss in it. Probably it favored the Challengers more, wherein the best performer amongst them gets into the Champions Team and thus the battle gets tougher for the Champions. But when it comes to elimination, it was only the Champions who faced the music. According to me, there should have been an elimination format wherein the weakest performer from both teams has a chance to go out.

Now that Farah Khan has made sure that there will be a change in format from next week, do you think all is fair now?
First of all, it does not make any difference to me as I have been voted out of the competition. Secondly, I don’t see any big difference in the format now. As far as I know, the new format will eliminate the weakest performer from the Challenger team, and there will be no elimination happening in the Champion team. So all said and done, there will be no equal importance given to both the teams when it comes to elimination. I think this is the change in format proposed, but not sure!!

Does your heart cry as this change in format is introduced after your exit…
Yes, if there is one thing that I would like to erase from the memories of all, then it would be this Friday’s episode, as I did not expect to get out of the competition so early. But at the end of the day, the show must go on!!

Who is the one Champion who is a class apart from the rest?
See, all the singers in the Champion side are exceptional and have tasted success in one reality show or the other. All come with their own popularity and it is very tough to choose the best.

Can you name the Challengers who have the caliber of making it big if they enter the Champions side?
Well, Rahul Vaidya has already made it to the Champions team. He is one singer who is very good. Apart from him, I feel Vineet and Toshi have it in them to marvel in this show.

Have you been told about any Wild Card round which will be introduced later in the show?
I really have no idea, whether they have a Wild Card or Brahmastra as they used to have in SRGMP. I just hope they introduce this later, as I feel I have a very good chance of making it back then (laughs).

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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yipee @yipee 15 years ago i am so disappointed with his elimination
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punjabi.princes @punjabi.princes 15 years ago he was soo amazing! i think prajakta deserved to be out. i never really liked ashwariya in SRGMP days but in this show he proved himself as a superb singer. and he gave mindblowing performances both times!
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Dabulls23 @Dabulls23 15 years ago I am sad and disappointed by his elimination. He was one out of 2-3 champions who was consistant in his singing-performance. He should have stayed or should be brought back IMHO.
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ashna khan @mishcutie90 15 years ago he was soo good i don't understand how he got out
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Who-I-Used-2-Be @Who-I-Used-2-Be 15 years ago he didnt deserve to be out and now he deserves to be brought back..he was the best so far on this show --

Aishwariya! you'll be missed a lot!!!
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aashni @animateash 15 years ago aww he rocked mannnn feeling bad for him
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Natalie Abraham @-DulceMaria- 15 years ago he's an awesome singer...felt bad for him.
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smallwonder @smallwonder 15 years ago Confusion again... He says there will be no eliminations in champions...
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madhyha @madhy 15 years ago felt bad for him..he sholdnt hv been voted out..
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Meera @indiandoll89 15 years ago Awww...I didn't want him to leave! I thought he was totally a fabulous singer!
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