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For me, fitness is confidence! - Karan Suchak

Handsome actor Karan Suchak currently seen in Sony Pal's Singhasan Battisi shares his stay fit mantra with TellyBuzz.

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Sony Pal' stunner actor with a hot body, Karan Suchak who is currently seen in Singhasan Battisi speaks to us how he maintains his body and what is his secret behind this well maintained figure. Also, talks to us about his fitness regime. Have a look –

What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness to me is confidence. Confidence helps me do anything in life.

What efforts you take to stay in shape?

I make sure I eat right because fitness is combination of food, exercise and rest. Also, I make sure I hit the gym no matter what time it is. Apart from that, I focus much on mental strength as well by doing things what I like. For example; Listening to music as it keeps me happy and reduces stress which in return helps me for a better workout.

Are you conscious about your food choices?

Yes, I am. But sometimes when I feel like eating something, I do not stop myself.

Do you take protein supplements?

Protein shake is good to have but it is not a mandatory, you can still have a good physique if you workout regularly, take a good diet and sleep for seven to nine hours.

Is there any sports you are skilled at?

I was an athlete as a child. I was also inclined towards playing cricket. Now that I am shooting, I do not get time to indulge myself in any kind of sport.

A celebrity's body you admire?

Vidyut Jamwal and Hrithik Roshan

A fitness tip to your fans...

World is getting smarter day by day and I have seen people avoiding junk food. So I would just say eliminate junk food, reduce the intake of sugar and live a disciplined life to stay fit.

Upasana Patel

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Sevenstreaks 6 years ago A celebrity's birthday you admire? looks like a out of box question...Confused2015-01-04 11:51:58
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prassy.kavi 9 years ago you are so so humble and very down to earth person no one is like you thats why you are "ROSHAN".
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kinara.sara 9 years ago dont say like that duggu bcoz you are the bestest actor we have and love you humbleness.
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WildestDreams 9 years ago You're the humble actor of tinsel twon...proud to be your Deewani...I'm sure you has done a great job as Vijay, looking forward to the movie :)
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prassy.kavi 9 years ago you are the example of simplisity hrithik.
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rainydays. 9 years ago I would never have imagined him doing a role like this but the trailers proved me wrong. Really looking forward to seeing this.
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kinara.sara 9 years ago hrithik no one is like in acting or in humanity or in humbleness. you are so down to earth person.
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