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Five modern-day reel life Saas-Bahu jodis who break the conventional image

Gone is the era of typical saas-bahu jodis as duos like Anandi Baa and Gunjan enter the screens.

Published: Tuesday,Jul 12, 2022 16:53 PM GMT-06:00
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Anu-Leela and Neelam- Lakshmi

Five modern-day reel life Saas-Bahu jodis who break the conventional image

What is an Indian Television show without an extraordinary and engaging Saas-Bahu duo? As long as you can remember, it is these duos that have spiced up daily soaps. From Tulsi and Savita to Gopi and Kokila all these jodis have proven to make their respective shows highly popular amongst its audience. So here we are with top five present day Saas-Bahu jodis from watch-worthy shows across Television and OTT.

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Anandi and Gunjan

Giving a new twist to the saas-bahu saga, the story of Anandi Baa and her beloved bahu Gunjan starts with a bang on Star plus’s latest show Anadibaa aur Emily. Instead of the lead, the saas-bahu jodi that is catching audience’s attention is that of Anadi baa and Gunjan. This duo is redefining the relationship, as the Saas Anandibaa is shown doing Bahu Pujan of her beloved daughter-in-law Gunjan. It is an unconventional jodi which adds to the quirkiness of the show.

Daadi and Suman

The super talented Amruta Subhash plays Suman - the bahu who makes the achaar. The totally adorable Dadi - who stands by Suman and encourages her in the achaar endeavour- is played by Yamini Das. The duo makes the show eminently watchable. Amruta Subhash carries the show on her delicate shoulders, emoting with her heart. Her easy relationship with her ex-mother-in-law is so wonderful, we barely see the strain in her relationship with her daughter Juhi.

Leela and Anupamaa

Alpana Buch is brilliantly portraying the character of Leela Shah in Star Plus' popular drama series Anupamaa. The actress has won several hearts with her stellar performance in the show. Anupama and Leela have a rather conventional relationship but what makes it unique is Leela’s inexplicit respect for her daughter-in-law. This really adds up to the relatability factor of the show as, in real life too mother-in-law are known for being less expressive of their love and respect towards their bahus. The originality of these relationships is what keeps audience hooked to this show.

Airs on Star Plus from Monday to Saturday at 10pm.

Neelam and Lakshmi

Neelam plays a grey character as Lakshmi’s mother-in-law in Zee TV’s popular show Bhagya Lakshmi. Their relationship brings out the essence of the show as all of Neelam’s action revolve around protecting her son Rishi. Since Neelam too is equally protective of Rishi the duo swings between positive and negative. The ebb and flow of this relationship adds to the spectacle of this show.

Sayuri and Saroj

A saas-bahu duo list is incomplete without an epic jodi that defines the drama of Indian daily soaps. Saroj and Sayuri is one of those duos where Saroj plays a typical role of an evil saas in this show as she plans and plots against her daughter-in-law Sayuri. What sets this jodi apart is their love for Rishi, Saroj’s son and Sayuri’s husband. Their relationship is filled with twists and turns that keeps the viewers highly engaged and entertained.

Comment below your favorite Saas-Bahu jodi.

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BaAZiGar0 2 months ago alpana is a great actress no doubt, but not sure if she is winning hearts
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Param-Sundari 2 months ago 🤣
The title and content of the article is in total contradiction in most cases
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Jerry_Chuhiya 2 months ago For WTHA, instead of Sayuri-Saroj they should have put names of Sayuri's mom-Sayuri's Dadi instead as they are good saas bahu pair instead. Apart from Gunjan-Anandi, no one else deserves in this list. Also how could they forget Angoori-Ramkali which is the most amazing saas-pair presently? IF is really drunk to write any nonsense using mostly big names.
Reply thumbs-up 2 thumbs-down 0
Heere_Ve 2 months ago Except amrita and Yamini's characters all are toxic and neelam considers lakshmi as a sheild to protect her idiotic son she discarded her now and Leela is the epitome of toxic
Reply thumbs-up 1 thumbs-down 0
Fats24 2 months ago What's so special about Leela and Anupama? Isn't it toxic? Oh! Wait a minute. This show is reigning the charts, so how can they leave out this saas-bahu jodi even if it's toxic, right IF? Everything about this show has to be special.
Reply thumbs-up 1 thumbs-down 0
msin 2 months ago You should have included Ashwini n Sai in GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin.. one of the most understated sas bahu Jodis in a hit show ..both have supported each other many times .. against the family .. but ashwini has always emotionally manipulated Sai to stay with her husband.. even when her son has done wrong .. she has always cleverly played for her son .. whenever Sai has hurt virat .. Ashwini has expressed her displeasure and made Sai feel guilty
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Sshesha 2 months ago Anupama-Leela and Saroj-Sayuri relationship is very toxic. Even though Neelam-Lakshmi relationship is correct, what is the need to bring them here? There are much more better options.
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taravinashyam 2 months ago Naam toh check kar liya hota. For BL you put saas's name twice, in WTHA, there is no Rishi, his name is Kanha xD
Only the first one is nice, 2nd one have never seen, and the others are just - what jodis you have for comparison, it is like calling Babita and Meet perfect saas bahu :|
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SoniRSippu21 2 months ago Anupama and Leela baa doesnt have that gud relationship. Its kinda toxic.
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Arko1 2 months ago My vote goes only for Baa aur Gunjan. I dont have any idea about the 2nd duo but rest are bags of toxicity.
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