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An engineer by education, it was Sonu Sood's good looks and physique that paved his path into the glamour world.

Be fit, work with ease, says Sonu Sood

An engineer by education, it was Sonu Sood's good looks and physique that paved his path into the glamour world. The lad from Punjab shifted to Nagpur to do his electronic engineering course and bagged small fashion shows there. Hooked to modeling, Sonu moved to Delhi looking for work. It was there that he participated in "Mr. India" contest.

Soon he lost interest in modeling and moved to Mumbai. He debuted in Bollywood with "Bhagat Singh" playing the lead, followed by a role in "Yuva". There has been no looking back since then. Along with Hindi films, he has acted in Telugu movies as well.

Sonu shares the secret of his enviable physique which brought him under the spotlight in the entertainment industry.

Q: Are you a fitness freak?
A: Yes, I am very much a fitness freak. I work out at the gym every day for almost two hours and jog for around 40 minutes.

Q: What exercise do you do?
A: I do different exercises every week. If it's stretching for a week, then it is weight training the next week. I don't go for heavy weights, though. I work with light weights and just increase the number of sets. Heavy weights are not good as they don't add muscles, as is generally believed. When you work with heavy weights, missing training for a few days makes the muscles flaccid.

Q: How important is it for an actor to look physically fit?
A: Being fit is the most important thing for an actor. The schedule is quite hectic and there are days when you are supposed to work round the clock. That's the time your fitness comes into play. If you are fit, you will be able to work with ease. And if you have a nice built, then it adds appeal to your personality. The masses have a tendency to idolize the stars. So even from that angle, it's important to look dignified.

Q: Were you always a fitness freak or being in the glamour industry turned you into one?
A: Yes, I was always concerned about fitness. In fact, during my college days in Nagpur , working out in the gym was a favourite pastime. I had a friend who owned a gym and our entire group of friends gave much importance to fitness. We have worked out in the gym even at 2 in the night. When I came to Mumbai, I was lucky to find like-minded friends here too. The owner of Barbarian Gym is a friend. If I am not sleepy at night, I just hit the gym.

Q: How important is it to be fit both mentally and physically?
A: I think it's equally important. If you are physically fit you feel good mentally also. You feel confident about yourself.

Q: Do you meditate?
A: I have tried doing it but I wasn't successful. I believe yoga helps a lot, not just in keeping the body in shape, but also in curing many ailments.

Q: Do you feel fitness adds appeal to the personality?
A: It certainly adds appeal to the personality. It gives the first impression. A person with an attractive physique generally gives out good vibes, it also reflects on his total personality. A fit person appears more confident and doesn't look lethargic.

Q: Any tips for our readers?
A: Fitness is very important. You should always respect your body. Keeping a check on the diet is very important; junk food should be avoided as it takes the toll on the health in the long run.

Q: Who do you think is the fittest person in the glamour industry?
A: I think the fittest in the industry are Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and even Sanjay Dutt considering his age. Today, just about everyone in the industry is fit. They all know the importance of fitness.

-Jayant Mishra (SAMPURN)

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