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Fitness Mantra with Arjun Bijlani

Fantastic 4s this week let you in on the fitness secrets by Left Right Left's Arjun Bijlani. Read on to see what keeps the actor so fit and fine...

Published: Sunday,Dec 16, 2007 10:43 AM GMT-07:00
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Arjun Bijlani the model turned actor started his TV career with the serial Remix. Now playing the role of Alekh Sharma, a straight forward person who has been kept in prison for many days, in Left Right Left, he made sure to make a huge fan following. Here this cool and innocent looking “Qaidi” as he is popularly called, tells about his fitness routine. 
Fitness Mantra with Arjun Bijlani
Do you follow any fitess regime?
I definitely follow a fitness regime because I really love having a good body. But yes the strict regime that I used to follow earlier I am unable to do so now. Still never fail a single day to go to the gym. That’s part of life for me. Body is not something that I do something today and it’ll come. You got to work hard to get a good body. It's as simple as that. There are no two ways about it.
What is the routine that you usually follow as everyday practice?
I usually don’t get time in the morning everyday. So I have made it a routine to go to the gym after I pack up from my shooting. There are days when I get free early but most of the days it crosses 10pm. Luckily my gym is open till 2am so face no problem. But how so ever late I may get I make sure to go there from my sets before going home.
Do you follow any regime as far as diet goes?
I used to follow a very strict regime earlier but now I can’t do so. I avoid sweets or too many carbs and balance it out. And if any day I feel like having some extra cake I make sure to exercise more.
What’s your usual diet?
I have breakfast which is probably of omlette or sandwitch or something like that. I make sure to take my tiffin from home when I leave for shoot. It usually comprises of lots of vegetables, roti and daal and little bit of rice. Evening I usually have something light but inbetween make sure to have some fruits. After I reach home the first thing I have is protien shake. I know people consider that not to be good for health, no idea why, but I do have it everyday. I just make sure my diet don’t carry too much of carbo, rest I have no issues in eating less or more.
You have a busy schedule so how do you make sure to follow the fitness regime?

You know there is a saying “Where there is a will there is a way”. I feel it’s all in your mind. You got to remove time for yourself. Everybody works it’s just that some people are just lazy and say “I am too tired and I cannot go” But it’s just a matter of 45 minutes and after that believe me you will feel more fresh and not extra tired.
Anyone that you idolise when it comes to good physique?
I really like Hritik Roshan as I feel he really work hard to maintain that physique. But more than him I really appreciate Sharukh. Because at this age the kind of physique that he has achieved is really fabulous. And I am sure he has put in a lot of hard work and not the way he himself expresses casually in his interviews. The kind of physique he has achieved now, inspite of having such hectic life, I would say it’s really Hats off to him.
According to you how important is it to follow a fitness regime?
It is very important. To remain healthy you got to have a fitness regime. Workouts are compulsory and I feel even if you miss out workouts on a particular day, a jog of atleast 15 minutes is also not a bad idea. You need not go to the gym to do your workouts. It’s more about being fresh which you feel when you work out. I strongly believe that a good workout and a good diet will always keep your day really fresh and always keep you up on your feet.
Any advise for your readers to keep themselves fit?
Guy’s please don’t laze around. Please go to the gym, work out and if you can’t then atleast make sure to go for a jog. You don’t need to have a great physique but you need to be fit. You don’t need to have a very muscular body but be sure to have lot of stamina. Eat healthy food, avoid too much of carbo foods like too oily or fried things. You just follow the basic rules and I think you will be fit. Just look at Sharukh. He must be 100 times more busy than us but still makes sure to keep himself fit. If you don’t do it chances are when you are in your 30’s you will look above 40. Believe me guys, you’ll definitely feel a difference in yourself when you follow a fitness regime.ALSO READ: Arjun Bijlani ensures he works out regularly, be it in the gym or on the sets of PKPASS

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Annie @annie07 12 years ago Yo! Arjun...i m sure to take a leaf out from ur fitness mantra
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soooperfan @soooperfan 15 years ago hey great interview!! :) thanks a lot...motivated me to go to the gym today after a long time..and yeah, as long as you are fit, and feel fit..thts all tht matters!-dia
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Niharika Jain @Ultimate_Shadow 15 years ago Thanks
my god has he been surrounded by such FAT people so he is giving so much advise hehehehehe hehehee lol lol lol lol lol

but i really liked what he said To be fit is much better than to have a good physique.
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Ahmed @Too_Much 15 years ago Bhai...
people like us can be fit by ony reading such article..
workout aur hum
bache ki jaan loge kya=))
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Sarika @-Saru- 15 years ago thanks for sharing.
kitne acche acche advice diya hai bittu ne!so sweeeeeeeeeeeet.
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bitasta @tukz_REmix 15 years ago dis was in our newspaper a long time bak
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rani @-skylark- 15 years ago hmm....omelat,,roti,dal,rice..fine..no probs..i kno how 2 cook !...
but ye protien shak kyun letah hai yaar!~~
aur ye time management batah raha hai!haha..
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buttercup @buttercup 15 years ago wooooooooo my hubbyyyyyyyy thankoooooooo
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Subha @Life_Is_Dutiful 15 years ago Gr8 Interview.I loved it.
Thanx a lot TB.
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Bhaskar @Bhaskar.T 15 years ago

Banda sahi hai!!! Okay boss!! :))

Good inspirational interview for few lazy ones like me who never follow any regime. =)) =))

Having second thoughts now. Let see if this New Year I can start with it. =))

Thanks TB.
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