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Finally, Kanwar Dhillon & Alice Kaushik make their relationship official; pandemic played the cupid

After dodging the question about their relationship status, finally, Kanwar and Alice aka Shiva and Raavi of ‘Pandya Store’ have announced their relationship officially.

Published: Friday,Jul 22, 2022 10:47 AM GMT-06:00
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Kanwar and Alice

Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ actors Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik were rumored to be dating since quite some time now. The duo is inseparable and have been giving hints about their relationship status, however, they’ve always dodged the question on accepting their affair.

And now, finally, the cat is out of the bag as Kanwar and Alice have announced their relationship officially. Yes, you read it right. In an exclusive chat with ETimes, the duo opened up on finding love in each other and also shared few important details about their relationship.

When asked about the first impression and ice-break, Kanwar said, “We met on the sets of Pandya Store. Alice came for her mock shoot in March 2021 and we soon started shooting. I was curious about her name and she told me how her mother used to watch Alice in Wonderland, which is how she had a different name. So, I cracked a joke saying that my mother did not name me Flintstones or Scooby Dhillon because she never watched those shows. That broke the ice”.

Alice added, “I was the last girl to do the mock shoot with him. I feel that everything happens for a reason and that’s why I started shooting in a few days”.

Elaborating on how love happened to them, Alice said, “Kanwar used to make me laugh throughout the day. I used to love his deep, husky voice. There were many scenes in the show when Raavi and Shiva had to keep looking into each other’s eyes. With other actors, it used to get awkward, but it felt organic with Kanwar. We could gaze into each other’s eyes and feel that connection. Besides, we spent almost 12 hours a day together. After I developed a soft corner for him, I sensed that he was also feeling the same. I felt so much love for him when he made me feel special on all occasions”

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Kanwar added, “It was a gradual process and not instant. We shared beautiful chemistry on screen, which eventually transformed into real chemistry. Unknowingly, we are similar to our characters — Shiva and Raavi. We would joke about how it would be so chaotic or difficult to play Shiva-Raavi in real life because they are so different and yet, we grew fond of each other over time. And finally, I found that there was more to our connection. Our bond strengthened when we shot through the second lockdown away from our families in Bikaner”.

When asked about the proposal, Alice said, “He proposed when we were shooting in Gajner in a huge palace and it was during the lockdown, so we were cut off from the world. He couldn’t do anything flashy or overtly romantic, but he knew my love for flowers. He got me a rose and he gave it to me during our lunch break. And then he proposed, asking me to be his girlfriend. I was very happy”.

Kanwar added, “Honestly, I’m the last person to propose or even ask anyone out. I have always found it too clichéd, but something felt right and I asked Alice to be my girlfriend in Gajner Palace, Bikaner while shooting during the lockdown”.

When asked about taking their relationship to the next level, Kanwar and Alice stated that they’re currently focused on their respective careers and things would happen at the right time.

Are you happy with KDice coming all out in the open about their relationship? Hit the comment section below.

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BaAZiGar0 2 months ago this gives me so much hope for another star plus pair...any guesses?
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VNuts 2 months ago Wishing Alice Kaushik & Kanwar Dhillon all the best and lots of love.
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Cinderella100 2 months ago All the best Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik
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deeps07 2 months ago Best wishes Kanwar Dhillon and Alice their chemistry..and once in a lifetime jodi..
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Shivi_supremacy 2 months ago I am so happy for them.. Wishing them all the love, luck, togetherness and happiness
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Prizi 2 months ago I'm so happy for them
Alice Kaushik and Kanwar Dhillon wish them best for future
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SunqianFan 2 months ago Finally it's official. I am so happy for them. I wish them a happy future ahead. My favourite couple🥰🥰🥰🥰 .
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S1169266 2 months ago This content is hidden.
Roohani27 2 months ago Finally the day has come!!!!! omg im so happy<3<3 Kanwar Dhillon Alice Kaushik
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Prizi 2 months ago Super happy for them
Alice Kaushik and Kanwar Dhillon ❤
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