Faisal Raza Khan stages a walkout??

A tiff between Arunaji and Faisal in Saas V/s Bahu results in the actor staging a walkout... What happens next?? Read it here...

While Monday and Tuesday set the pace for the week, Wednesday's episode of Sahara One's Saas V/s Bahu, produced by Swastik Pictures is no less. But this time the stage is ablaze with heated arguments and controversies!!

As Manish and Manava finished their performance, Aruna Irani commented that she was highly disappointed by their act and said it completely lacked the elegance and sex element that the song 'Dhaga La Lagli Kala' demanded. She also complained about Manish's movements to the song and gave him a poor rating. But, she also accepted that it is not entirely the performer's fault, the choreographer is to be blamed partially too. To which Longi instantly replied saying, ‘It's not always necessary that one does the same steps from the video. If such is the case, then why am I needed here? You can just take the DVD and copy the steps’. Aruna countered back saying, ‘It's not about the steps, it's more about enjoying the dance and portraying it well’.

But while this little tirade went on between Arunaji and Manish, Faisal Raza Khan seemed pretty restless and jumpy. He was quite annoyed by the fact hat Aruna kept making a huge deal about such minor mistakes. He felt that Manish was being insulted for no rhyme or reason. To which Aruna bluntly replied that Faisal was insecure about his performance and that none of the judges' intentions were to insult Manish. Faisal was even more offended by this and wanted to leave the show. At this Longi intervened asking Faisal to behave in a proper manner.

Things escalated with Faisal's unnecessary involvement continued the argument!! Kirti, Faisal's partner, gets scared and insecure with the fact that if Faisal does leave, how she will perform by herself?? But, instead of calming down, Faisal gets all the more annoyed and bursts out about the judges' views and comments. He says that if they are doing something wrong, it should be Longi who should come up on the stage and tell them. Aruna replies by saying something equally nasty. Faisal's response to this is to arrogantly walk off the stage. Kirti, in tears, begs him not to leave. In spite of Vikram and Karan trying to stop him, Faisal walks out leaving the judges and the audience spellbound. Kirti gets emotional and blames Aruna for underestimating them. Aruna gets frustrated at the end of all this and also decides to leave the show. But after a whole lot of cajoling, she agrees to stay back. Faisal is brought back and asked to apologize to Arunaji. The matter is settled with a 'jadoo ki jhappi'!!

Well, as they say, all's well that ends well!!!

Author: Melanie

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Faisal Raza Khan

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begalis rock!!!!!
ps:everyone rockz!!(not juz us bengalis i as joking abt tht)

15 years ago

all well that ends well..
but i love Faisal Raza Khan in kumkum

15 years ago

How disgusting i think first 2 weeks were better in this way atleast

15 years ago

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