Fahmaan Khan learns singing from Debattama Saha on the sets of COLORS’ ‘Krishna Mohini’

Fahmaan expresses his deep gratitude towards his co-star, Debattama Saha, for inadvertently becoming his mentor in music.

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Fahmaan Khan

In the colourful narrative of COLORS' "Krishna Mohini," the term "SaaRthi" has emerged as a beacon, symbolizing the guiding light amid life's trials. Within the vibrant tapestry of Dwarka, Gujarat, the heartfelt tale unfolds, with Krishna (portrayed by Debattama Saha) steadfastly supporting her brother Mohan (played by Ketaki Kulkarni). As the storyline reaches a crucial juncture, Krishna, Mohan, and the charismatic Aryaman find themselves at a crossroads.

Amidst the gripping storyline, the on-screen chemistry between Debattama and Fahmaan has captured the audience's affection. Beyond the camera lens, their camaraderie resonates, sparking a frenzy on social media. A recent viral video showcased Fahmaan's playful rendition of Debattama's soulful melodies, igniting a newfound passion for music within him. Eager to refine his vocal prowess, Fahmaan seeks guidance from his co-star, weaving music into the fabric of their shared journey on the sets of "Krishna Mohini."

Transforming the filming location into a harmonious sanctuary, the cast immerses themselves in spontaneous jam sessions, infusing the air with timeless melodies. Fahmaan seizes every opportunity to polish his singing skills, joining Debattama in soulful duets, fostering a bond that transcends the script, enriching the essence of "Krishna Mohini."

Little did I know that my passion for singing would find an unexpected mentor in the form of my incredibly talented co-star, Debattama Saha

- Fahmaan Khan

Sharing his thoughts, Fahmaan says, "Music has always been an integral part of my life. However, little did I know that my passion for singing would find an unexpected mentor in the form of my incredibly talented co-star, Debattama Saha. That viral video showcasing her melodious voice while I lip-synced rekindled the passion to hone my vocal skills. From that moment on, the sets of 'Krishna Mohini' became my personal music academy, with Debattama graciously taking on the role of my guru. I am forever grateful to her for nurturing my love for singing, and by nurturing, I mean her providing her beautiful voice for me to lip-sync to. I shouldn't be singing publicly otherwise, especially around people who sing this well."

In the current track, in the college, Pia guides Krishna and Mohan, assuring Aryaman that she'll look after Mohan. However, Ananya feels neglected by Aryaman's focus on Krishna and unsuccessfully tries to provoke him. In the meantime, Krishna insists on staying with Mohan. Meanwhile, in the canteen, Sid and Vikas discuss keeping an eye on Mohan, piquing Krishna's curiosity. Later, in class, Mohan meets Anuradha, whom he encountered earlier. As the class gets over, Krishna and Mohan are shocked to learn about Anuradha's past.

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