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Face-off Between Team Prince and Team Gautam on MTV Roadies – Karm Ya Kaand

The upcoming episode will have Gang Gautam and Gang Rhea celebrating but Prince’s Gang will be seen disheartened over their continuous losses.

Published: Saturday,Aug 12, 2023 11:40 AM GMT-06:00
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After the unfortunate turn of events for Gang Prince’s bad performances, the upcoming episode will have Gang Gautam and Gang Rhea celebrating but Prince’s Gang will be seen disheartened over their continuous losses. Ashika will be seen arguing with the boys suggesting they do the task only if they are sure of it and not underperform at any cost. This will leave all the boys infuriated and will be seen asking her to not tell them how to play the game. 

Moving further in the episode, this time the viewers will witness an action-packed Immunity task - Go Gobar Gone that will give Gang Leaders the chance of earning 14 immunities. It will be a face-off between Gang Prince and Gautam and Rhea’s team owing to maximum Roadiums, will have the luxury of spectating the task and bidding on the winning member. If it is right, then they win immunities and if the bid goes wrong then they lose 500 Roadiums! 

The task will have two Roadies compete against each other on a swinging bridge above a pit filled with cow dung. There will be a tall tied to the rope over the bridge which they will have to grab. Whoever gets the ball first or throws the other Roadie into the pit will win the task! The task will see Prakram competing with Siwet and their match will extend for 3 rounds. When it comes to Priyanka Gupta, as per the game plan she will be seen choosing Leeza as her opponent, to which Gautam will prompt her to choose Piyu and all the Roadies will be jumping with excitement to watch the war between the exes. But Prince will ask Priyanka to choose Leeza. In turn, Piyu will be seen fighting Priyanka Chaudhary. 

Amidst the task, we will see an argument spur between Gautam and Vashu from Prince’s gang as Vashu will be seen passing a comment on Himanshu saying, “Tere shakal pe dikh raha hai fatti padi hai mere se…aur Gautam sir ke gang ke shakal pe bhi!” to which Prince will be seen backing Vashu up by reiterating, “Keh raha hai Gautam sir ki team bola hai isne” to which furious Gautam will exclaim, “Haan okay, thoda respect se ha beta..warna abhi show se bahar kar dunga terko, do minute mein!”. On hearing this, Prince will get annoyed and in retaliation will say, “Meri baat suno..Bahar toh aadhe ghante meh bhi nahi kar sakta par koi mere gang se tujhe aisa bolega nahi!” 

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Lately, Prince’s gang has been losing repeatedly be it tasks or the vote-outs, will this task give Prince’s gang a chance to redeem himself or further go down the pit?

*Tune in to MTV Roadies Karm ya Kaand this Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm only on MTV and Jio Cinema right after to know Gang Prince’s future and which gang will win the most number of immunities.*

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