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Exploring Gaurav Chopra

Whats the music that gets Gaurav's feet thumping? Which actress would he like to go out with? Explore Gaurav right here on Telly Buzz in the IF I Was ...

Published: Saturday,May 19, 2007 23:27 PM GMT-06:00
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Exploring Gaurav Chopra

Whether it is his passionate acting or his unmatchable dancing, Gaurav Chopra sure knows how to excel. He won the hearts of millions with his role as Samay aka Sexy Sam and he built himself a strong fan base when he matched dance steps with his partner, Narayani on Star One's dance show Nach Baliye!

We catch up with this hot hunk and ask him some questions on the 'If's' of life. Read on to see what he has to say for ur weekly column, 'If I was'

IF I was a chocolate I would be...
After 8

If I was to sing, I would sing...
Hello my baby, hello my baby

If I get the best actor of the year award...
I wouldn't be surprised, if its for the character Im playing in LRL

If I was to ask out a bollywood actress...
(a very long pause) ahhh its hard to choose

Ok, we can bend the rules here and ask you if there is a holly wood actress you would like to go out with...
(again, long pause) ahhh there are too many to choose (laughter)

If you were offered a role in devdas you would choose...
Definitely the role of devdas in the older version. The newer one was a little too fancy, come on, shahrukh didn't even look sick

If you were to dance right now you would choose...
Do you remember me by Michael Jackson
Can we see you dance on that some day...
You Will have to get me really drunk for that

If you were offered the male version of tulsi...
I would do it, provided if it was offered six years ago when the concept was new, and when I would end up worrying about having 4 illegimate children, 5-6 wives, and yet try to smile and pray at the end of the day.. No way, I would stop the melodrama before it starts.

Well folks, thats it for today. Stay tuned as we'll be back next week with more questions and many answers from your favourite stars right here in our weekly column, 'If I was'!

Reporter: Hiral Bhatt
Contact writer: PM Anju
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yulZ @yulZ 16 years ago yea its only a rumour only..
thx !!!
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AngelsEyes @angels_eyes 16 years ago people who pread these kind of rumours really should get a life
she played well in Chingaari i liked the movie
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l83587 16 years ago This content is hidden.
cutie cutes
cutie cutes @cutie cutes 16 years ago i think Suh i right
i don't think Suh and SRK as a war between them
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tina srestra @tina_sre 16 years ago Thanks for the article...& thank god it's just a rumour.
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fm05 @fm05 16 years ago Thanks, gotta love his wit! His response to the male Tulsi question was hilarious.
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maha786 @maha786 16 years ago This content is hidden.
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shweta @scorpiongal 16 years ago thanks..i always wanted to see a pick of him without beard & without long hairs.
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Natalie Abraham @-DulceMaria- 16 years ago thanks for the article, he's sooo funny.
he deserves an award for his role in lrl
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Jaslin @jassie_17 16 years ago lol!!!!tulsi question-his answer was too hilarious!!!!Hehe!!!!
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