Eviction and Wild Card on Chota Packet...

Coming this weekend, another jodi from Chota Packet... bids adieu to the audience... To know who is it read further...

Week after week the competition on Zee’s Ek Se Badkar Ek, Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka is becoming cut to cut. The contestant’s leaves no stone unturned to get the best marks and compliments from the judges but every weekend one jodi has to be eliminated.

“This time it was Vibhor – Ehsaas Channa who had to bid adieu to the stage. Though both had tears in their eyes initially, the duo gracefully greeted their co-contestants after the shoot and bid farewell,” says our khabroo from the sets.

It’s also been heard that in the coming weeks there is going to be a wild card entry in the show. “As far as we know, it’s going to be Aamer and Ehsaas who will be joining the participants as wild card,” adds the source.

The contenders of the show are not very happy with Rakhi, it seems. “It’s been a regular complaint that Rakhi is not being fair with these little wonders. She still continues to give low marks. Besides that her comment on each performance is not easily gulped down by the contestants and their mothers,” concludes the source.

Keep watching this space to know who stays in the race in this contest!!
Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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vibhor is soo cute..n ahsaas .ill miss her n her madhuri dnces! my fav jodi is tanmay-chinky! but i also luv lil'adrita!

15 years ago

awwwww!!! i wanted Ehsaas to stay! Our choti ganga frm KS ^_^

15 years ago

this is reality show, and kids have to learn alot, letting them go and giving them high marks when they don't deserve is not right thing to do. They kids understandable but if rakhi is not tough then how will kids learn their mistakes. and Ehsaas is the kid Ganga from Kasam se, and Ehsaas was also seen in bollywood movies... alot of them

15 years ago

Ehsaas is the best. Man. Well shes back na.

15 years ago

aww... so sad... but heyy, is ehsaas the kid ganga is kasamh se??? she looks very much like her...

15 years ago

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