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'Every character is normal, not comic'-Vinay Pathak

Vinay Pathak almost drove us insane with his performance in "Bheja Fry".

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Vinay Pathak almost drove us insane with his performance in "Bheja Fry". And though he was always known as a gag bag in the industry, the unique chat show "Ranvir, Vinay aur Kaun?" has further established him as an entertainer par excellence. Cohosting the show is Ranvir Shorey.

Vinay is modest when asked what was so different about the show. He replied in a quirky tone: "Nothing unique as such, it's just another chat show, where we have mixed the concept of a regular chat show and Ranvir and my daily household work." In the 23-minute show, 11 minutes are devoted to the celebrity, while the rest is all gags. The format gives the show the feel of an informal get-together. "But we both are just ourselves, all real," insisted Vinay.

Guests walking into the bedroom, kitchen or anywhere they please in the bachelor's apartment is not a bother for the hosts. "Well, it's up to you how you take it. The best thing is that our guests speak their hearts out. And maybe it has everything to do with the casual atmosphere." True to his words, almost every celebrity guest has enjoyed coming on the show, "be it Javedsaab, Anupamji or Neha Dhupia". Vinay adds how pleased Karan was to be the first guest on the show. Boman Irani even picked up the guitar and played along with the hosts.

The USP of the show is, perhaps, the chemistry between Ranvir and Vinay, tried and tested in "House Arrest", "Khosla ka Ghosla", and "Bheja Fry". Ranvir said: "We met for the first time on the sets of "House Arrest". And very soon we became real-life friends. We have done television together, movies, theatre, events and even traveled together. We have even watched movies, without money (laughs)." Perhaps, it's their approach to comedy that brought them together and sets them apart from other laughter-makers. "Actually, I see every character as a normal character, and not as comic character. Bharat Bhushan in "Bheja Fry" might be taken as a funny man, but my approach was different. The small-town folk in Rajasthan are not as smart as here in the cities. But the audience found it funny. All I did was acting. I applied an honest approach," explained Vinay.

The concept of "Ranvir, Vinay aur Kaun?", however, was from the Star stable, with director Prashant Shah spearheading the venture. The duo would soon be seen in "Mithaya", a movie in which Ranvir plays the main protagonist. The two have also written a story for a movie, but are reluctant to reveal more right now.


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