Eva Grover in COLORS' Beach-O-Beach..

Eva Grover will play the central character in the Baywatch and Friends remake on COLORS, Beach-O-Beach..

COLORS' show on the concept of Baywatch and FRIENDS titled Beach-O-Beach is all set to take to the floors with its first schedule in Goa.

And as reported earlier, Daljit Kaur will be playing one of the central characters in the show. Also seen with her will be Anirrudh Dave and Chahat Khanna.

Giving you more information on the cast is our source, "Eva Grover who was recently seen playing a cameo in Bidaai will play the central character in the show. She plays the role of Ruby Aunty who owns a very famous shack in Goa where the younger generation guys and girls have all the fun. The actress will be seen in a colorful look, with all the Goan guys falling for her beauty".

We tried calling Eva, but the actress was unavailable for comments.

The first schedule of shoot will happen in Goa, after which the cast will move to Mumbai for their next schedule.

The buzz is that Smita Bansal of Balika Vadhu fame was also approached for the show. However, when we called Smita, she said, "Yes it is true that I was approached for a role in the show. But I think I will not be able to be part of the show, as I am busy with Balika Vadhu and need to take care of my family too. So going out of Mumbai for shoot will not be feasible".

If sources are to be believed, the story will have a love triangle between Daljit, Anirudh and Chahat.

The show is most likely a tri-weekly from Friday to Sunday, but nothing about the slot and launch date is finalized yet.

We tried calling Producer Paritosh Painter for confirmation, but he was unavailable.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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yipeeeeeee aniruddh (ani)another show cool

14 years ago

@Crystal:Annirudh is one who played the main lead in NDTV Imagine''s show Rajkumar Aryan!!

14 years ago

Beach-O-Beach??!!! What a title! ROFL ROFL

14 years ago

Thanxx dear! awesome she was good in waqt! this show is sounding good yay daljeet in it who is anirudh???

14 years ago

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