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Erica on quitting KRPKAB 3: Between your self respect and a show so dear, you have to make hard decisions

Erica Fernandes pens a long note on what lead to her decision of quitting Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3. Read it here.

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Erica Fernandes

Erica Fernandes has been in the news for a while now as there have been reports about the actress being unhappy with the way her character of Sonakshi has been coming together in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3. However, while she did not speak up about it just yet, she has taken to social media today to pen a long note as she reasons what lead to her decision.

Erica penned a long note where she mentioned how she is grateful for the love and also wrote how when season 3 of the show came to the screens once again, she was hoping for the same Sonakshi from the earlier 2 seasons, however, this time, it was opposite and even if everything else is ignored, the Sonakshi in season 1 and 2 did go to office and have a job, unlike now, when she is sitting at home.

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She wrote: Sometimes when you have to choose between your self-respect and a show so dear.. you have to make hard decisions. (not mentioning the various other reasons) And you can't always take others responsibilities on your shoulders, you have to look after yourself and make choices based on that. I always give time to see if things change but when they don't, then you know you can't force someone to value you but you can choose to not be disrespected and move on to better things ahead.

She concluded by saying: I would like to thank all those who have supported me through this journey and my decisions be it my team or my Ejfians and KRPKABians.

Check out the post here:

Meanwhile, there have also been reports that Kuch Rang... is likely to go off-air in the month to follow, and one might wonder if it is because of Erica's decision to quit the show. While there have been all sorts of reactions on the actress' post, fans are glad that she gave them their closure.

Erica Fernandes Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3 

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How_you_doing 1 months ago Finally someone spoke what was clear all the while. Sonkashi was a terrific character and the dumb makers ruined that. She has all the rights to say what she is saying. Those who are dumb enough to see this as wrong, knows very well that their opinion would not affect her even 1%. She is still very desired and in demand actoress.😊
She signed up for a strong character that was the main lead of the show not some all the time crying side characters. If we as viewers are so disappointed then can't imagine how it would have been for actors who gave so much of them to make these character.
Love Erica, love real KRPKAB.
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Tede_naina 1 months ago Love the negative forces apart, kasauti was a show with a prominent vamp she knew what she signed up for, but in KRPKAB there was never an out and out evil character and when makers butchered her character she spoke up. The unprecedented support she is receiving speaks volumes about how the audience echoes her thoughts. Her self respect was always intact one need to remove their blinders and see it. Had this been done by the other one everyone would have hailed him 🤣🤣 the hypocrisy
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404_NotFound 1 months ago Where was her self respect when she was doing Kasuti ? If she had said anything close to this during Kasuti she would have to bear the wrath of Ekta hence her self respect flew away . Very arrogant actress . She threw tantrums during previous seasons too . When she had issues with the costumes in season 2 instead of talking to PH she posted on Ig and all her fans targeted a pregnant costume designer … success have gone into her head .
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luvumjht 1 months ago Just a ques: is she quitting or is the show over… or both??
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Guneet80 1 months ago Thank you Erica for speaking up! The new writers and the production house is just trash, they cashed in on the fandom of krpkab. I'm so disappointed how she was sidelined this season, all Sonakshi did was weep this season. But worry not Erica, we'll always remember you as the Sonakshi from season 1 & 2. I'll simply pretend season 3 never existed. Love you Erica ♥️
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Rosh4rose 1 months ago You rock girl
A real brave heart
I really respect you for your courage .
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sunaina02 1 months ago Bravo Erica ! You are the first one in KRPKB team to understand something is very wrong with the storyline and characterization and took the right decision
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sheet_leher 1 months ago It is sad... Sad that everyone understood what went wrong with the season except the makers. I don't know what to do tbh. I love the show so much, that I cannot imagine that they may never come back together. I wish Durjoy made a web series out of Dev and Sonakshi's relationship. My heart's heavy and the world is sad :/ Shall miss you Sona, and your Dev
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luvumjht 1 months ago I am impressed, how open she is about the issue. It takes guts to say so much. My favourite part is about the negative forces in the story. She was comfortable with it as Prerna, as that was the show… but stood for Sona, as in her story it was senseless.
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jodh57 1 months ago Very well said Erica👍
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