Eisha Singh finds a personal connection with Aneri in 'Jab Mila Tu,' reveals the therapeutic joy of baking

In an exclusive chat with India Forums, Eisha Singh speaks about her character Aneri in her web show Jab Mila Tu and also reveals enjoying 'baking' despite not being fond of cooking in real life.

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Eisha Singh

Eisha Singh who can be seen essaying the character of Aneri in Jio Cinemas recently launched web show 'Jab Mila Tu,' shared insights about her role in an exclusive chat with India Forums. The actress revealed why she feels a connection with her character in the show, where she plays the role of a baker, despite not being a fan of cooking in real life.

When asked if 'Jab Mila Tu' served as a refreshing break for her after being part of television shows for a long time, Eisha expressed, "Well, the show is definitely something very fresh. I have not done something like this before. This show is a nice, feel-good series that we all needed, and you will know a lot more when you watch the show. But, if you ask me, I have not done something like this in the past. All my shows have been very different. As a character, this role has been extremely different, and I believe it is somewhere very close to Eisha too. I relate to her a lot. There are so many things she does, and the way she does them, the way she talks or behaves is very characteristic of Eisha."


Continuing the conversation, Eisha was asked about her role as a baker in the show and what she has baked in real life. She humorously replied, "I have baked people. (Giggles) I do not like cooking, I do not enjoy cooking, but because of Aneri, I started enjoying the process. I used to pour, bake, and prepare it, and it was so much fun. It was a therapeutic experience for Aneri, and I think I enjoyed the process too."


The web series 'Jab Mila Tu,' featuring Eisha Singh and Mohsin Khan, is currently available for streaming on Jio Cinemas. The show also includes Pratik Sehajpal and Alisha Chopra in parallel lead roles.

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