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Drishtant Media continues to spread awareness towards Autism..

Drishtant Media's show on an autistic girl Antara might be well over, but they continue to render support towards the cause on the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day which is observed on April 2nd..


World Autism Awareness Day is observed all over on the 2nd of April, and Drishtant Media who provided a benchmark show for television, on the life of an autistic girl Antara thro' their show on Zee TV, Aap Ki Antara, continues to work for the same cause even today!!

According to our source, "The production house which has been working on various workshops and programs to create awareness on autism has organized jolly time for autistic kids in Essel World tomorrow. The team will be present in Essel World from 11.30 am onwards, and will provide the autistic kids with lots of fun and jolly rides, free of cost. Therapists and renowned doctors will also be present at the event. The families of autistic kids will also be allowed to share the happy moments with their kids out there".

"In addition to this, Drishtant Media will also be holding a big scale awareness workshop for the parents of autistic kids at Indore, on 17th April. Specialist doctors and therapists from Mumbai and Bhopal will be present to give a detailed coaching to the parents. Sometime in May, the team also plans to hold a camp for the special kids", informs our source.

When contacted, Mr. Rajan Vishvakarma, Creative Director, Drishtant Media told us, "Our efforts to spread awareness towards autism which started with the show Aap Ki Antara, continues even today. We are organizing an event at Essel World tomorrow, on the occasion of World Autism Day, and will be providing all that we can to keep the autistic kids happy".

TellyBuzz salutes the determination showed by the production house to create an awareness towards autism…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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Lifez_Beautiful 10 years ago WoW dat PH deserves a round of applause 4 the wrk they r dng !! kudos !! :D :D :D
-Ritz- 10 years ago This is awesome. Only few people remember the importance of their shows after it goes off air.
Hats off to Drishtant Media for continuing the awareness of Autism.
deepsi 10 years ago HATS OFF to DRISHTANT MEDIA....
they would surely bring smiles to the faces of children who are still nt whole heartedly accepted by the society....
mitali_s 10 years ago wow dats so noble...if only dere was place 4 nobility in dis bad world of trp aapki antara wud hv suvived....
dmou 10 years ago tats sweet of them......
salute to the team for continuning to spread a msg just not make a soap earn money and forget it.....
gr8 going DRISHTANT MEDIA2010-04-01 06:26:41
radhika_21 11 years ago thanx!
hmm.. i don't think nairs are tamil!
malluangel 11 years ago nair?
omg how stupid can they be?
and the sari and jewlry is more northi indian than south!
lavy 11 years ago It shows how ignorant are north indian directors while using south indian characters. For gods sake do your research.
1. Nair is a malayali surname and has nothing to do with tamil. South india has 4 states and kerala is one of them.
2. This is not in anyway related to how a traditional tamil/malayali women looks. By wearing a sari and a jhumka you dont start looking like a traditional tamil. Man..this just irritates me.
Maria_Exotiika 11 years ago Im going to watch it on the 29th cause its releasing the same day =)

Thanks for the info !
wejay 11 years ago Its pathetic that people do not know where a Nair hails from...Shame on directors who make movies but yet in all manners display their ignorance wrt to indian languages.
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