Dr. Kirti to leave Sanjeevni..

The axe falls on Dr. Kirti in Sanjeevni as the doctor is removed...Read to know further...

Star One’s Dill Mill Gayye saw the entry of Dr. Abhimanyu Modi, played by Amit Tandon this week. And as reported earlier, the powerful man has entered Sanjeevni to take charge of the financial crisis, and also plans to remove one of the interns.

Telly Buzz gives you an insight on the person to be sacked. “Dr. Kirti will be going out of Sanjeevni and it will be a very emotional moment for the other interns as they bid her good bye. While Dr. Armaan wishes to go out in place of Dr. Kirti, Shubankar and Kirti too have a very sad parting moment and eventually break into tears. In the midst of all this, the interns(who had nicknamed Kirti as Hitler without her knowledge) get a shock when Kirti tells them that they should feel happy now, as Hitler will be gone. The whole scene has been shot very nicely”, informs our source.

On the reason for this new twist in the tale, our source clarifies, “Sonia Singh who plays the role of Kirti wanted a 10 day break as she planned to go to her native place Jammu. Hence the creatives thought of some high intensity drama in the story to reason out her absence.”.

Nothing has been planned as of now on how they will bring Dr. Kirti back. “But this is only a temporary phase and Kirti will be back soon”, concludes our source.

Well, let us join in to bid adieu to Dr. Kirti for the moment...

Reporter: Rachana Trivedi, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Amit Tandon

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Sonia Singh

Comments (74)

thnx4the article, u r so so pretty Sonia singh... luv you

14 years ago

we all love you Dr. Kirti>>>>>>>>>>>>>

14 years ago

Its really upseting dat we will not be able to see Dr.kirti for somedays...though she was strict but her way of dealing with the inters were also right,as all the interns and especially the boys were super brats...and to deal with them was not a small game...i will really miss her strict and discipline!!!!afterall like the sanjeevni hospital we all audiences also have a habit of seeing her...though we are happy that she is going to come back

15 years ago

i will miss her bt d things d interns r gonna do 2 gt her bak is gonna b very intresting........o hate dat idiot abhimanyu........

15 years ago

Never seen the show but Sonia a good actress!!


15 years ago

will miss her a lot....scenes between dr.shub n dr kriti r really cute......

15 years ago

i''m happy for she''s gonna be back..

15 years ago

I''m very happy that Dr. Keerti will be back soon. I lke her. She is preety.

15 years ago

i''ll miss her....

loved her evn though hated her at d same tym sometyms.....

want her back now..........

15 years ago

my god its her????????/
well it was to be an intern then how cum a full fledged doc got out?? strange but gud that shell be back

15 years ago

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