Dr. Kalyani confronts Nandini to speak the truth..

Zee TV's Dil Se Diya Vachan will see a huge confrontation happening between Dr. Kalyani and Nandini..

Zee TV and Film Farm's Dil Se Diya Vachan is treading thro' an interesting phase wherein the whole family is shocked on the arrival of a kid, who is believed to be Nandini's (Vandana Joshi) kid.

Dr. Kalyani (Neena Gupta) who has till now supported Nandini as her own child will be caught in a dilemma as situations force her to believe that Nandini might be the kid's mother.

Our source tells us, "Dr. Kalyani will have a close watch on the kid's behaviour. She will see the kid crawling towards Nandini always. She will see the kid holding on to Nandini's palloo whenever she is near. All these instances force Dr. Kalyani to suspect Nandini. She will have a straight forward talk with her and the confrontation will be huge. Dr. Kalyani questions Nandini about the same, at the end of which Nandini bursts into tears. On seeing the innocent side of the girl, Kalyani feels very guilty and changes her mind. She then takes a 'Vachan' that she will forever protect her daughter-in-law, and will also try her best to find out about the person who is trying to screw Nandini's future".

Will Dr. Kalyani get to know the culprit? Will her trust towards Nandini remain strong forever?

Catch Dil Se Diya Vachan at 7 PM on Zee TV to get your answers…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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Kachipata 9 years ago Can't her brain tell her to do a DNA???? Or do a medical check if she had babies ever??? Anyway, stories are for stories sake.
aaabbb 9 years ago Thanks for the article, waiting to see Nandini and Dr Kalyani convo. This will be high point and will build the base of their trust. And it will be Vandana's acting test, hope she pass with flying colors.
GauravsDbest 9 years ago Agree with tanu(10on10)....i watch this show JUST 4 my beloved Gauurav but i have huge expectations from all the cast members:)
stephhh 9 years ago nice show...like prem n nandini..........
alina_lale 9 years ago i like nandini but
y she cry all the time
sunil_kumar 9 years ago hello nandini,really i m crazy about dis serial and specially ur character is dil se diya bachan.09853508424 is my no. plz call me once.
xx-Rai-xx 9 years ago dr.kalyani is really sweet
nandini is lucky
Thinker_Belle 9 years ago Looove Gaurav!! I'm watching this just for him...

Looks like Nandini/Vandana role will get interesting... hope she delivers as per expectations... I know it'd be intimidating for a newcomer to hold on her own against Neena ji...
Moon-Sparkle 9 years ago Mayb its krishna...they r not showin him much

Arwen11 9 years ago @Sallufanno1 - are u talking about Armaan?
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