'Dowry system should not prevail in society'-echo sisters of Dahhej

Dahhej, the new serial on 9X is the the story of love, sacrifice and deceit. Talking about their roles are the two sisters in the story, Kalyani and Krutika..

Dahhej- the new daily soap from the bag of B.A.G Films & Media Ltd.,on 9X, is the story of two sisters - Kalyani, being the protagonist, and her sister Krutika; both of them go to the big town of Mumbai where they fall in love with the same guy Soham Mehta. So what happens when two most loving sisters fall in love with the same man? One sister under very dramatic circumstances makes the sacrifices.... for the other. Thus, Dahhej is all about of sacrifices, bonds and relationships.

Dahhej comprises of an ensemble of well established actors along with some fresh and young faces. New comer Aneesha Kapoor plays Kalyani, the main protagonist, while Bhuvanesh Mam plays the character of Soham and Muskaan Mihani plays the elder sister Krutika. .

Speaking to Aneesha about her debut role as Kalyani, she says, “I play the role of the younger sister, Kalyani in the serial; I am very protective about Krutika and am very fond of her. I take care of the whole household and am basically like the woman of the house.” Ask her how she relates to her on-screen character and she agrees that she is pretty much a Kalyani in real life too, just a more modern version, as she claims, “I am a more modern version of Kalyani, who is a very family oriented person and values her principles in life.”

The elder sister Krutika is a diametrically opposite character, played by Muskaan Mihani as she states, “My character is more fun-loving and I love to enjoy myself. I tend to get scared very fast and constantly need protection, which is provided by Kalyani, who takes good care of me.” She also goes on to say, “I relate a lot to my character as I am a lot like Krutika in real life.

Although the concept of the serial is based on dowry, both the girls firmly assert their views about tradition saying, “It definitely should not happen in today’s society since we are all educated and smart people and should refrain from following such obsolete practices.

So as Dahhej promises to bring a fresh feel to the daily soap environment we truly hope that it will be a landmark milestone to the world of television.

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Author : Melanie

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awesome... glad to see muskan back on the small screen...

16 years ago

oh muskaan plays here, :) i cantw ait to watch

16 years ago

Thanks for the article.. hehe, Krutika is my name :P

16 years ago

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