Double Bonus for Rakhi...

It was not one, but two prospective grooms who impressed Rakhi by writing love letters, and won the privilege of taking the bride on a date...


Anxiety, nervousness, butterflies in the tummy is what you feel on your first date… and yes!

Our bride to be Rakhi felt just that. Rakhi, who has never been on a 'real' date earlier decided to put forth a task before the 'grooms in waiting'.

Ram Kapoor, Rakhi's conveyed to the contestants the daunting task of writing love letters to the gorgeous lady and the best of the lot would be the privileged man to go on a date with Rakhi. And guess who charmed and bowled Rakhi over with his creativity?

Well…well! Our little birdie tells us that there was a tie. It was none other than Manmohan Tiwari who not only composed a poem in Shudh Hindi but also translated the same in English for the lady and Ashwin Chaudhari who wrote to Rakhi about all that he has left, including his sister's wedding just to win her heart. 

Now we wonder how will the duo handle Rakhi on their first date with her? 

Watch all this and more on Rakhi Ka Swayamvar Monday – Friday at 9:00 pm only on NDTV Imagine.


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sanaya-groverz 11 years ago plzzzzz stop doing these publicity stunts............i was really shocked to see that so many ppl wanna really marry u............

U R A BIG NAUTANKI..............
poojalamba 11 years ago i guess as a person she is a good girl she do too much hardwork in her life bcoz she belongs to a poor fsmily i realy like her2009-07-07 13:53:54
princessonline 11 years ago haha..lol i watched this.Well she had fun but i think she wanted to be more with the Manmohan then the other guy and when she saw him coming she was shocked looking at how nice Manmohan was looking it was really funny it almost seemed as if she fell in love with him. I don't know if she is doing this for publicity or for real but what ever makes her happy i guess.=]
SHARANx92 11 years ago LOL! Rakhi rakhi rakhi, kab publicity ke peeche bhaagna choregi! Seriously, she's soo fake on this show! Aisa lagta hai ke kabhi bhi asli Rakhi ka chilana shuru hoga! And these guys! Some are pretty good, phir bhi apni zindagi kyun khatam kar rahe hai!!! All these guys just want to come on tv or want the money, koi bhi Rakhi se pyar nahi hai! its such a sham!!
Sony_1234 11 years ago i still dont understand how and why are they making the show. i doubt if rakhi really marries one of them. i wonder if they really love her so much. i hate the shows which play with people's emotions
sweety_ursh 11 years ago yaar rakhi is a good person
tulipbaby53 11 years ago Well, I find this show to be just okay right now. I thought it would be funny, but right now it's just fine....actually, it's boring....
fashion_k_jalwa 11 years ago This show is all fake
NDTV I amgine was according to me a sensible channel which has given us DHARAM-VEER, MAIN TERI PARCHAI HOON,RADHA KI BETIYAAN, JASSUBEHN JAYANTILAL..,RAMAYAN,JYOTI, KITANI , BANDINI now i have lost respect to them for bringing this fake show to us.It is pathetic.
piya2025 11 years ago i dont understand..IS d marraige subject is funny? how can dey ..ok whatever.. its just all crap..*sigh*
rahena1 11 years ago This is the most stupiest show i have ever seen!!!!!
omg.. has anyone seen how she laughs?? totally fake!! ... hahaha and you could tell that its scripted ... rakhi luv.. ya need to work on your acting =]
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