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'Don't hide your beauty under make-up' - Aamna Sharif

The ravishing, sententious beauty of TV talks to us about her definition of fashion, favorite brands and tips to follow...

Published: Sunday,Nov 02, 2008 10:24 AM GMT-07:00
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Define Fashion?
Fashion for me is something that is comfortable and makes you feel good from inside. It does not make sense to wear branded outfits, and just looking like you are not happy from within. Fashion is something that you create yourself. I might just pick up something from anywhere, but it's the way I style it that matters.

Do you like to accessorize?
I don't go much with the jewelry but yes I do everything in moderation.

What are the accessories you like to wear while stepping out of the house?
I feel, lesser the better. I'm very particular about my bag, shoes and dress; it has to match with each other. I will not step out of the house if it doesn't.

Do you like branded clothes or unbranded ones?
I don't wear only branded outfits as such. The important thing for me is that whatever I pick should appeal me at the first look as I love to dress myself.

Street shopping, yes or a no?
I never got a chance to go street shopping in India but when I am abroad I love going for it.

What are the brands you prefer?
Gucci, Dior and the likes.

Your Favorite Shopping Destination?
New York, Malaysia and Dubai

Colors that you prefer to see in your wardrobe?
Pink, white as I feel it's elegant and black too.

Anybody you idolize when it comes to fashion?
For me, what Madhubala and Rekha did was a fashion.

Any Make- up tip you want to give the readers?
Don't hide your beauty under excess make-up.

Fashion tip coming from you?
Feel good from inside and you will look wonderful from out side too.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

Madhubala Rekha

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JuliaFoster 7 years ago Girls, cpome use your make up, it's a part of beauty!
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samiya. 13 years ago she''s awesome!
Hummies favourite!
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pinguunique 14 years ago Thanks! Love Aamna, she is naturally pretty and stylish.
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-SMay31- 14 years ago she is luking HOT...its nice 2 hear after sch a longgg time :) thnxs...
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MasoomaBukhari 14 years ago Hey! Its a nice, very nice report. Thanks Aamna for such nice tips. I''ll try na follow.
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A.R. 14 years ago thnksss....
Feel good from inside and you will look wonderful from out side too.
i wil alwyz remember dis line...

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iqra93 14 years ago amna is da most beautiful woman in television n im sure she''ll b one in bollywood!
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naina_raina 14 years ago To the author of the article - just a constructive criticism -the use of the word ''sententious'' is inappropriate in this context..
I dont mean to offend you; just pointed out a suggestion for improvement for your future articles.
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arabian_love 14 years ago i am totally agree with her.but she is saying she cant go out for shopping in india, she must be kidding and it is not necessary for a person not to step down if she has not a pair of matching shoes,purses etc.
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[email protected][email protected] 14 years ago yupp zeee... and ya raj knws betta dan us.... cuz usne aamna ko withOut make up bhi dekha wa hai.. and he says... aamna is most beautiful lady on earth he has eva met.. ;-)
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