Don’t believe in wearing clothes once: Sonam Kapoor advocates for longevity and personalization

Sonam Kapoor opens up on the importance of reusing and re-wearing items.

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Sonam Kapoor

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor has made a significant impact on Indian fashion and pop culture. Known for her distinctive style, she has become a notable figure in the global fashion scene. With a focus on sustainability, Sonam encourages people to invest in clothing with the potential for long-term use. She emphasizes the importance of reusing and re-wearing items, promoting the idea of vintage fashion.

Sonam advocates for the longevity of products as a true symbol of luxury. Reflecting on her upbringing, she draws inspiration from her mother and grandmother, who valued preserving expensive clothing. 

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Sonam follows a similar approach by consciously choosing items made by local artisans, embracing vintage pieces, and supporting the resale market. She adds, “So, you see, I grew up appreciating the value of personalisation and the handmade. This to me is true luxury. I consciously buy items that are made by local artisans, are vintage, and even resold.”

Sonam further says, “I haven’t bought anything that I haven’t worn multiple times. For me, everything that I buy needs to be wearable for several years. I don’t believe in wearing it once and then returning it unless I’m borrowing an outfit for an event."

On the professional front, Sonam Kapoor is involved in two significant projects, including "Battle for Bittora," while details about her other project remain undisclosed.

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I support this , we do invest in clothes for long term use n not one time use n throw .

2 months ago

Thats how it works Sonam, people wear the clothes again and again and not just buy and wear once.

3 months ago

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