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Does Yudi of Parvarrish meet with a fatal accident?

Tonight’s episode of Parvarrish - Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi on Sony TV will educate the youth on the perils of drunk driving

Published: Tuesday,Dec 18, 2012 12:10 PM GMT-07:00
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All parents are in a fix when their children go through the troublesome years of teenage.  Adolescent rebellion is expressed in multifarious ways. Minor teenagers often want to think of themselves as adults when in reality they are in between childhood and adulthood. A common problem faced in many households is that the teenagers feel a magnetic attraction to rave parties involving drinking.

Alcohol however may be detrimental if not taken in moderation. Inebriation at a rave party may be perilous. Last night on Parvarrish - Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi on Sony TV, you had seen Rocky and Yudi getting drunk and performing a stunt oblivious of the reasons behind it. 

Tonight when a terrified Rocky is all about to step on the bamboo to execute his dare, he hears the voice of Sweety beckoning him. She comes to the party in a timely manner to stop her son from doing the stunt. An apologetic Rocky hugs his dear mother.

Sweety asks Rocky's friend Yudi to leave the party with them but he stubbornly refuses. The police storm in announcing that it is an illegal party. A drunk Yudi leaves the party in his car. Sweety and Rocky follow him and they suddenly hear a piercing scream from his car. Does Yudi meet with a fatal accident? All this will be unraveled on tonight's episode of Parvarrish - Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi.

Tapasvi Mehta who plays Rocky has this message for the youth of today, "Drinking is just not worth it. It's good to enjoy at a party but please don't get high. It's harmful to both yourself and others."

Param Singh who plays Yudi added, "If you want to drink please make sure to drink in limits. Please don't make drinking a habit or addiction. Please don't drive while you are drunk."

I hope that the youth are carefully listening to this. Also parents need to be firm yet loving while disciplining their teenage children.

Author and Reporter: Pallavi Bhattacharya
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Faraan92 9 years ago Love Parvarrish.

All the best and may u have years and years of success
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ABdaKriticizer 9 years ago Not one of... It is THE best show...Wink
Reply thumbs-up 3 thumbs-down
Freethinker112 9 years ago Continue rocking Parvarrish, one of the best shows on Indian television.
Reply thumbs-up 2 thumbs-down
100prabh 9 years ago Parvarrish is a great show!!!
The current track is very important……. The episodes shown are very good, and beautiful………the actors enact their parts so well!!!!
A very good message is being delivered….This show gives many lessons related to everyones everyday life!!
Yesterday's episode was just awesum….. the way sweety understood that rocky was in trouble..awww!!!!
Sweety, Rocky, and Yudi did a great job yesterday!!!!
Parvarrish is a rocking show with a realistic concept…. It is the best show ever.. anyone can watch it and relate to it!!!!!
Reply thumbs-up 5 thumbs-down
Aya. 9 years ago Rocky is such a great actor ! Love this show ! Waiting for the upcoming episodes !
Reply thumbs-up 4 thumbs-down
Freethinker112 9 years ago Interesting developments. Let's see how it all unfolds.
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ABdaKriticizer 9 years ago Wrong place to request. But, Parvarrish CV's give us Ginny track...Tongue
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Sadme-Me-Hu 9 years ago Love Parvarrish.

All the best and may u have years and years of success.
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avi85.kaur 9 years ago Wah puji kya baat kahi aapne dear !
Me totally agree k sweety ka role only our beloved shweta tiwari he kar sakti hai.this role is made only for shweta tiwari.
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aquariun26 9 years ago perfect show for the perfect audience with perfect characters...;)
specially shweta a.k.asweety is playing the role one can play this role like shweta...the role of sweety is made for shweta...:D
keep posting the articles about Shweta and parvarish...thank u..!! :D
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