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DJ Bolli Speaks: Classic Comic Song Videos

DJ Bolli is back talking of her favorite comedy songs from the 90s.

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The month of April always reminds me of my favorite occasion - the Weasley twins' birthday! Nahi, nahi, those who aren't fans of Harry Potter (and I am still very surprised those exist, this DJ is a HP snob and proud of it) will not understand. But those pranksters are April's Fool babies. And while I am no stand up comedienne, I do appreciate the tickling of the funny bone.

[Let me put this disclaimer here: when this DJ talks about "classic", she means songs from the 90s because this DJ wasn't born before that. Just to clarify.]

Especially when it comes to Bollywood music over the years, there have been some very ridiculous songs that have left me scratching my head and wondering what the lyricist was on when they wrote it. 'Hai hai mirchi, oof, oof mirchi', anyone? Or perhaps, 'aao sikhao tumhe ande ka funda'?

Of course, listening to these songs leaves one confused. Actually, watching the videos would leave one in stitches. Whether it's over the comedic picturesque or over the ridiculousness of the entire situation depends on the viewer. For me however, it depends on the song and the movie.

My favorite - and this time when I say favorite I mean actual favorite - comedic song videos all come from 1994's Andaz Apna Apna. This DJ adores that movie - over-the-top funny, but still with so much heart.

The songs with little sense out of context like "Do Mastana Chale Zindagi Banane" or "Ello Ello", with dance-battling heroes on top of a bus, and a hero pretending to be someone else to whisk away the girl, are wonderfully utilized.

The premise of "Dil Karta Hai", with Aamir Khan chasing Raveena Tandon around like a lovesick puppy so that she will hit him over the head with a danda is utterly nonsensical - but because the story and characters are likable, becomes utterly charming.

"Yeh Raat Aur Yeh Doori" is just plain fun. And this is just in the one movie!

Think about all, and I do mean all, Govinda films. Each one has at least that one song that is so side splitting funny that one does not know how to keep the tears of laughter at bay. Songs such as "Main Raste Se Ja Raha Tha" and "Kisi Disco Mein Jaayen" are ridiculous in name and in dance moves, but somehow, Govinda makes the seemingly stupid work for him.

There are so many over the years. I've only mentioned a few - the ones that have stuck with me over the years because they were just that funny. Which Bollywood numbers can you think of that make you laugh till you cry?
Author: Aradhna K.
Editor(s): Mohini N. and Hershi J.
Graphics: Amna M.

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Andaz Apna Apna 

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