Diwali bash on Yeh Ishq Haaye!!!

Star One's upcoming show Yeh Ishq Haaye has its Diwali celebration sequence...

It's Diwali all over and the tellydom stars are having the time of their lives. Singing and dancing have always been a part of festivities in all the shows of this industry; be it a running show or a show that is yet to be on air, the celebrations just never end.

Star One's upcoming show Yeh Ishq Haaye is also in festive mood wherein the actors are having a wonderful time lighting diyas, putting flowers and dressing up for the festival. Even before the show is on air, the stars are enjoying on the sets to their fullest. Akshay (the character played by Raunaq Ahuja) is madly in love with Manjari (played by Srishti Rode) and he is very reluctant to speak about that to her and Manjari is searching for the boy of her choice. Is Ajay (played by Yashdeep Nain) the dream boy?

On Diwali the neighbourhood boys are awed at the beauty of Manjari and no need to mention Akshay. What is a Diwali without tapping feet for a fun track? There is a stunning dance number performed by Manjari and Ajay for the title track of Anjaana Anjaani.

The show has a colourful outlook and looks like the show has its own charm and difference. But the fact is the show is replacing one of the most popular shows in Star One, Dill Mill Gaye. Will the show succeed in seizing the eyeballs of the audience to stick to the show? We will have to wait and watch.

The show will on air from November 1st on Star One.

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan


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ser10 9 years ago luv YIH .....gr888888.......keep the good work ......best of luck ....
princess-priya 9 years ago WOW its gr8...i luv this show...keep the gud work guys...best of luck...
frenz4u 9 years ago YIH is too good .......
LUV U RAUNAOQ !!!!!!!!!
MrsBellamyBlake 9 years ago Yay !! At last the show is on air ....

Love you Raunaoq !!!
Lady_Impala 9 years ago some people are saying that this show has bad actors when people havent even seen it... cut the crap and stop being babyish guys... we know no one can replace DMG but the show has to end somethime... plus when the track in DMG was not going so well everyone even the so called DMGians wanted the creators to end this show and now what happened..
like they all good things must come to an end...
i would understand if guys want them back after sometimes but we cannot ask them to contitnue doing this for the rest of their lives....
we can giv them this...they need a break
manjha 9 years ago This is one of thoose typical serials where the girl will realise her true lova and blah blah blah...... If this show gets TRP's then that is awsome but honestly if it doesnt bring back DMG! It has fans atleast! We want DMG back with AR!!
saraaa. 9 years ago Dmg gave us wonderful moments and terrible ones too! But reality is that Dmg had to end someday. And when it was to end, another show would have to replace it. Can you people please keep an open mind for the new show! It's not up to the writers to decide when and what show to replace. Ridiculous! Makes me feel ashamed to be a part of such immature fans......
shree60 9 years ago waiting eagerly for YIH :)
2 days to go !!!!!!!!!!!
MariQuestFilms 9 years ago Lets see how this show is. Glad DMG is ending
ammyridzKAJEN 9 years ago i already hate this show!! it replaced my dmg! NVA GONNA WATCH THIS SHOW!! and yashdeep we still havent forgoten what u did to gurmeet! ur never gonna b accepted!!!! DMG IS THE BEST SHOW AND NO OTHER RETARD SHOW WILL REPLACE IT!!

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