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Divya Agarwal: I will not contact Shamita Shetty as I want her to call me first

In an interview, Agarwal went on to talk about first winning the show and then her equation and future of that equation with Shamita Shetty.

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Divya Agarwal and Shamita Shetty

Courtesy : Voot

The initial fever of Bigg Boss was perfectly set up with the first-time-concept of introducing Bigg Boss OTT, a version of the reality show that was only made for the web and aired all this time only on Voot.

We are just over a couple of weeks away from the actual Bigg Boss 15 that will roll on TV with Salman Khan again. But the finale of Bigg Boss OTT happened just now after a rather successful season.

As we know, none other than Divya Agarwal went on to win the season. And while Agarwal went on to have quite a ride in the show where she was loved for several things but was also slammed for several things elsewhere too. At times, many manage to have connections for life from the show but at the same time, some of them vow to never even talk to each other.

In an interview with ETimes TV, Agarwal went on to talk about first winning the show and then her equation and future of that equation with Shamita Shetty. "Suddenly I don't feel like I was away for such a long time. After I came home, everyone greeted me with so much love and affection that it didn't feel like I was away from them. Winning this show feels like a dream. Varun's (Boyfriend Varun Sood)family from Delhi came to greet me... they were very confident of my win."

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She then said, "I haven't spoken to Shamita until now. After the show ended yesterday, we all are tired and resting. No one has got enough time to do other things. But I will not contact her first. I genuinely want Shamita to contact me first and I want to see how she approaches me. Because throughout the show her approach towards me was full of misunderstandings. So I would like to see that effort from her end and want to know her in real life. Because many things happen in that house and I kind of forgive but I don't forget."

We wonder if the ladies will indeed contact each other and keep a friendship going ahead.

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SushantForever 1 months ago Idiot.who are you that shamita will call you?look at her audacity! She won 2 mtv show(this ott was also mtv production) and seeing rannvijay throughout beside her we know how she may leave divya agarwal
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mehak_kapoor 1 months ago She is as stupid as it can get😐
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DaddyMarvel 1 months ago Shamita has better plans than looking toward you for validation. Not that she’s a saint herself, but it’s better you both move on and stop bothering yourselves with thoughts and qualms about one another.
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WoZindagi 1 months ago grow up aunty
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SKhan33 1 months ago Hi, @all READ in HINDI? 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 😍😍😍😍


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