Dissatisfied with Munawar's justifications on BB17, Nazila Sitaishi gives her final statement on the matter

In a post-episode live stream, Nazila Sitaishi expresses dissatisfaction with Munawar's justifications, declaring it her final address, emphasizing her detachment, refusal to forgive, and desire for privacy amid public scrutiny.

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Nazila Sitashi

Bigg Boss 17 has been capturing the hearts of many with the current contestants' performances. Recently, Munawar Faruqui's personal life has become a focal point of discussion, particularly following the wildcard entry of Ayesha Khan, into Bigg Boss 17. The latest episode took an unexpected turn as Ayesha confronted Munawar about allegedly two-timing his girlfriend, Nazila Sitaishi. Munawar admitted to pretending to be in a relationship with Nazila on the show and claimed that they still had feelings for each other, expressing a desire to reconcile.

However, in a live stream after the episode, Nazila refuted Munawar's statements, asserting that she is over their relationship and has no intention of getting back together with him. She accused Munawar of being involved with other girls, challenging the veracity of his claims. Nazila expressed her disappointment with Munawar's behaviour, emphasizing her commitment to maintaining the privacy of their relationship.

Nazila clarified that she was unaware of Munawar's involvement with Ayesha and believed she was the only person in his life. She stated that she was misled and made to believe a different narrative. While acknowledging the personal nature of such matters, she found it necessary to come forward and set the record straight.

Expressing dissatisfaction with Munawar's justifications on the show, Nazila highlighted the extent of the lies and emphasized her decision to speak out. If Ayesha were the sole person involved, consideration for forgiveness might have been entertained, but that's not the case, she said. The individual has distanced themselves from Munawar after viewing the latest episode.

Choosing silence initially, the person wanted to observe Munawar's justifications. However, it turned out to be a collection of falsehoods, leading to dissatisfaction. She declared that this would be the last time she addressed the issue publicly and asserted her detachment from Munawar, emphasizing that she was done with the relationship.

Nazila lamented the public attention and negative comments surrounding her personal life, expressing a lack of enjoyment in the newfound fame. Despite the challenges, she made it clear that she has moved on and wants no association with Munawar.

Refusing to forgive Munawar, Nazila mentioned the pattern of behaviour in his relationships, both with her and others. She discouraged messages seeking forgiveness and requested respect for her decision. Nazila concluded by wishing Munawar success in Bigg Boss but emphasized her firm resolve to move forward with her life.

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For the sake of publicity these persons will stoop so low , it’s disgusting.

4 months ago

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