Bigg Boss 17 Winner Munawar Faruqui praises Nitanshi Goel's outstanding work in 'Laapataa Ladies'

Munawar Faruqui recently took to Instagram to shower praise on Nitanshi's work in 'Laapataa Ladies.'

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Nitanshi and Munwar

At the tender age of her career, Nitanshi Goel, an award-winning Indian teen actress and social media influencer, has proven herself as a force to be reckoned with. With an impressive following of 10 Million on Instagram, she has become the youngest Indian actress to achieve such a massive social media presence. She has excelled with her performances in movies and web shows like MS Dhoni, Indu Sarkar, Inside Edge 2, Posham Pa, and many more.

Nitanshi's recent cinematic endeavour, 'Laapataa Ladies,' directed by Kiran Rao, has left audiences spellbound with her extraordinary portrayal. The film, produced by Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao, and Jyoti Despande, revolves around the accidental swap of two newlywed brides during a train journey to their respective homelands.

In 'Laapataa Ladies,' Nitanshi Goel brings her A-game to the screen with her role as Phool Kumari. Her performance as a rural woman is both raw and immaculate, resonating with audiences who appreciate authenticity in storytelling. Phool Kumari has become a beloved character, and Nitanshi's ability to breathe life into her roles has solidified her reputation as a promising actress in the industry.

Adding to the acclaim, Bigg Boss 17 winner Munawar Faruqui recently took to Instagram to shower praise on Nitanshi's work in 'Laapataa Ladies.' In a story post, Munawar lauded the film as a must-watch, expressing how it evoked a range of emotions, from smiles to laughter and tears. Munawar specifically commended Nitanshi Goel for her commendable portrayal of Phool Kumari, showcasing her versatility and acting prowess.

Sharing the screen with Nitanshi in 'Laapataa Ladies' is Sparsh Srivastava, who complements her performance with his own captivating portrayal. Together, they create a magnetic on-screen chemistry that adds depth and charm to the film's narrative.

With 'Laapataa Ladies' already gracing the cinemas, Nitanshi Goel has undoubtedly left an indelible mark with her enchanting performance. Munawar Faruqui's endorsement further elevates the film's status, making it a must-watch for audiences seeking a blend of compelling storytelling and exceptional acting. As Nitanshi continues to shine in the industry, her future projects are eagerly anticipated, promising more cinematic magic and memorable performances.

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