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Dipika Kakar: The Show Hasn't Been Written Keeping Madhuri Dixit & Dr Nene's Relationship in Mind

In an exclusive chat with us, Dipika Kakar spoke about her character Sonakshi in Kahaan Hum Khaan Tum, working with Bigg Boss co-mate Romil Chaudhary and much more...


Creative director and Producer Sandiip Sikcand is coming up with a new love story on Star Plus featuring Dipika Kakar and Karan V Grover in lead roles. The highly anticipated show will showcase a mature love story of a surgeon named Rohit and an actress named Sonakshi and how they give love a second chance. 

The show will mark comeback of Dipika after winning Bigg Boss 12 and fans are extremely excited to see her spread her charm yet again.

In an exclusive chat with us, Dipika spoke about her character Sonakshi, working with Bigg Boss co-mate Romil Chaudhary and much more.

What made you come back with Kahaa Hum Kahaa Tum?

The freshness of the show. The script is very fresh and when I heard it for the first time it instantly got me excited. But the biggest thing was the belief that Sandiip had in me when he gave me the narration and after I came out of Big Boss, we met and he said that he sees his Sonakshi in me. So when such a senior person believes in you, it matters a lot.

Your character in the show Sonakshi is also an actress, so how much do you relate to the character?

I relate to my character a lot because a lot of instances that are used in the show are literally the same that I do in real life. Instances like she being very close to her personal staff just the way I am and all that. So all of this is very normal for us actors so it’s like I’m playing myself on screen.

The best thing about the show is that you don’t have a particular look in the show, so did you also put your own inputs in the styling?

Yes, you’re absolutely right that there is no particular look of Sonakshi as she’s an actress. She wears everything from denim to skirts and heavy sarees to gowns. We have tried to portray her as a normal girl. I sit with the creative team and discuss the styling of Sonakshi.

What kind of reactions did you get on the promo, especially from your husband?

Shoaib is very excited about the show. I’m looking very different in the show and I’ve lost weight which is all because of him. The reviews from the fans are overwhelming and people are happy to see me in a new avatar.

You will be working with your Bigg Boss co-mate Romil Choudhary in the show. In Bigg Boss house you didn’t share a friendly bond, so how’s it working with him in the show?

Yes, I’m working with Romil in the show and I shot with him but I think it’s only wise to keep personal and professional life different. It’s work for me so it does not matter to me what kind of personal equation I share with my co-actors. I’m sharing screen space with him professionally and as a senior, it’s my responsibility to make him feel comfortable.

Speculations were rife that the show is based on Madhuri Dixit and Dr, Nene’s relationship, is that true?

No, there’s nothing like that, it’s all just rumors. It’s a coincidence that Madhuri Ma’am’s husband is also a doctor but the show has not been written keeping them in mind.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is slated to release on Star Plus from 17th June. 


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