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Dil Se Diya Vachan to have a happy ending..

Zee TV's Dil Se Diya Vachan will finally see the union of Prem and Nandini...

Published: Monday,Mar 21, 2011 18:41 PM GMT-06:00
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All is well that ends well, and Zee TV and Filmfarm India's Dil Se Diya Vachan is headed for a happy ending!!

As reported by TellyBuzz earlier, Hats Off Productions' Choti Si Zindagi will launch on 4th April with Dil Se Diya Vachan winding up on April 2nd.

On the ending, our source states, "Nandini (Vandana Joshi) will be proved innocent; Krushna (Ajay Chaudhary) will land in jail. Nandini who has been forced to live in her maayka will go thro' her real Bidaai wherein she will move out of Govind's (Ayub  Khan) place and enter her sasuraal. Prem (Gaurav Khanna) and Nandini's union will finally happen. Nandini will be accepted by one and all in the family including Urmila (Ashlesha Sawant). All will join together in getting Prapti (Neha Narang) married".

We contacted Vandana Joshi and she confirmed, "Yes, right now we are shooting for the Bidaai chunk where Nandini leaves with Prem to her in-law's place. It's a very sad feeling that the show is going off".

As we bid adieu to Dil Se Diya Vachan, let's hope the new show brings in some freshness..

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar

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Shreyashi Ray (@GauravsDbest) 12 years ago Love u Gaurav:)ur the best in anything u do:)
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zaara10 (@zaara10) 12 years ago Terrible ending. Good job cvs for running this show completely into the ground, burying it and spitting on it. So much potential, so little brains to help it flourish... Sad.
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Shobha (@ssroomani) 12 years ago OMG!! Absolutely hated today's episode of DSDV.......it looks like the whole family has agreed to emotionally blackmail Nandini and are doing it by sending that child away with such taunting comments.......absolutely HATED the episode!

Is this what is called a happy ending? I can't believe they have butchered the show!! :(
I have never disliked Prem so much as I did in this episode! :(2011-03-31 08:07:10
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Shreyashi Ray (@GauravsDbest) 12 years ago Oh God the ending...too unreal and filmy...totally unnecessary drama...I just want to second ssroomani and gauravfan477, though i don't feel it has anything to do with a dad/mom giving the child his/her identity...But the interview of the last day's shoot was really heartwarming
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Shobha (@ssroomani) 12 years ago This is the worst ending ever for this show! Why could it not have ended with some happy Prem and Nandini moments and their starting a new life together? Why waste the last episodes on the child of the rape as this drama is totally unnecessary? Why make Prem and Nandini parents to the child before they have even known happiness of their relationship?

Is this what the CVs meant by a happy ending? What a shame that this show has to end this way!

Extremely disappointed! :( :(
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Jasmine (@jasmine477) 12 years ago Really going to miss DSDV ;they should have brought the child before it is a sensitive issue and the CVS brought the child born out of rape at this juncture when the show is going to end in a week but from past 3 months they have benn dragging with court and giving more importance to negativity which led to the show being axed .......Pls make SOna accept the baby bcoz a child is identified by her DAD in the society than by her mom .....in this case the girl child is born out of rape .don't make Prem Superhuman and make it look unnatural to father the baby born to Nandini out of rape.....It could not send any social message to the youth or the society but looks filmi.Sonakshi is the right person to addopt since Krushna is the father of the baby and Nandini is a victim;so don't trumatize her more.Already CVS You butchered the good concept ....atleast give us a natural positive moral ending .
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Snigdha Rao (@Snigdha2508) 12 years ago aww... I dnt wnt d serial 2 end :-(
but den All is well that ends well :-)
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pia09 (@pia09) 12 years ago I will really miss DSDV especially Gaurav.
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Shobha (@ssroomani) 12 years ago What they are showing is not a happy ending..........it is a crappy ending! Prem and Nandini deserve a better future than having to look after the child born of Nandini's rape....which would be a constant reminder of the past they have a right to forget.......is this what is called creativity in showbiz?

At least make Sona adopt the child....that would be some saving grace to this unhappy ending!2011-03-27 00:51:41
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Spiderman (@Mango_people) 12 years ago @kashkaur, the comment section here is to comment on the article, not post personal ads. It is irritating to see such ads here.. it is our right to dislike the comment, so please do not educate anybody here about liking or disliking anything. Its not your job, just like its not sdfgerh's "job" to post ads here. Spam messages are not liked by everyone.
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