Digvijay feels that he deserves to hold a position of leadership - Mahir on 'Vanshaj'

Mahir Pandhi joins the cast of Sony SAB's family drama Vanshaj in a pivotal role. Read on to know more.

- By "Team India Forums"
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The upcoming show from Sony SAB, Vanshaj, is poised to immerse viewers into the fascinating universe of a prominent business family. The show guarantees to deliver a power-packed experience with a combination of familial conflict, political manoeuvring, and interpersonal relationships within a large business family. Focusing on the life of the affluent and influential members of a business empire, Vanshaj depicts the clash of the large industrialist family.

Mahir Pandhi has won the hearts of audiences and has been honing his craft since he was a teenager. Has been roped in to play the character of Digvijay (DJ) in Sony SAB's Vanshaj. Digvijay is an overbearing, self-centred, and entitled character who thrives on power and showcases his dominance to achieve his objectives.

Mahir Pandhi, who will be portraying the character of Digvijay, said, "Digvijay is a person of privilege, with wealth and power, who feels that he deserves to hold a position of leadership. His character is multifaceted, with hidden depths that will prove a test for Yuvika's journey on the show. As an actor, I relish the opportunity to sink my teeth into this challenging role and bring it to life. I am eager to dive into uncharted waters and embrace the complexities that come with it.”

Apart from Mahir Pandhi, the show will features  Anjali Tatrari as female lead.