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Didn't expect about my track with Priyanka Dhavale aka Amruta in ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali’: Himanshu Bamzai

Gear up for an interesting new love story between Farhad and Amruta in Star Plus show ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali’.

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Amruta and Farhad

Courtesy : Veena's Instagram.

Star Plus show ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali’ has a massive brigade of loyal fans. The show is inching towards more interesting episodes as the real culprit behind Mandar’s accident has been revealed. Meanwhile, Mandar has made a grand entry in show which will surely lead to many dramatic and interesting twists in the show. 

In the upcoming episode, Pallavi will finally realize her love for Raghav and might also confess her feelings to Raghav. The romance between the duo would blossom. While the #RaghVi (Raghav and Pallavi) fans are elated for the upcoming episode, another interesting thing to happen in the show is a love track between Amruta Deshmukh and Farhad. 

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In the initial episodes, Farhad and Keerti scenes made the fans believe that the duo would progress to become a couple. But as the makers are always up with unexpected twist, they recently introduced Farhad and Amruta’s track.

Speaking about the track, Himanshu Bamzai said, “Well, like the fans of the show, I also thought that Farhad would fall for Keerti. However, they introduced a fresh angle between Farhad and Amruta which to my surprise have been very well received. It has only been one scene that the fans watched of me and Priyanka (Amruta) and they have flooded me with so many messages and mentions on social media. I am excited for the forthcoming episodes. Let’s see how things unfold between Farhad and Amruta”.

‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali’ is produced by SOL Productions and Sandiip Films. It has a stellar star cast including actors like Sai Ketan Rao, Shivangi Khedkar, Himanshu Bamzai, Sayli Salunkhe, Priyanka Dhavale, Ajinkya Joshi among others.

Himanshu Bamzai Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali  Star Plus 

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Mihika 2 months ago This is the most unpredictable show with unexpected turns. But Himanshu Bamzai and Priyanla Dhavale are at their best in portrayal of Farhaad and Amrutha. Their scenes are quiet refreshing with a touch of modernity.
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RosyRosh 2 months ago Mehndi hai rachne waali
Sai ketan rao
Shivangi khedkar
Himanshu bamzai
Priyanka dhavale
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Su 2 months ago Farhad deserves much better mother-in-law than soluchana aunty🤣🤣
But good that common sense has prevailed for Amruta.
Farhad is too cute.
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RAGHVIFAM 2 months ago Well it was surprising so will wait how their love story will unfold MHRW
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Joyness 2 months ago Farhad most sensible one...but Amruta we need someone else no leerti or Amruta
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JayashreeR 2 months ago Farhad deserve some one better not chipku ladki amrutha

I still feel amrutha has chipku ladki vibes she did not change but acting to be good 😆😆

So iam not happy with this 😐😐😐
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Wilddreams 2 months ago Farhad and Amuruta makes a really cute couple ❤ Himanshu and priyanka look great onscreen. Excited for their story to unfold. Love MHRW and Raghvi 😍
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meghna1610 2 months ago Fans didn’t expect this and I m sure everyone was pleasantly surprised as well.. we love the show MHRW and all the characters - Farhad- Amrutha, and Raaghav-Pallavi
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ReemShah 2 months ago Amrutha and Farhad's pairing is a cute one--glad that they have improved Priyanka Dhavale's character in MHRW before pairing her up with Himanshu Bamzai
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SRKian 2 months ago Love Farhad to bits and pieces but Farhad-Amruta is a BIG FAT NO 👎 Nothing against Priyanka/Amruta. Farhad deserves better! Hella disappointed 😔💔
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