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Dhara to threaten Shivank, Raavi to bash Dhara for not supporting her in her fight against Aarushi

Dhara will be seen threatening Shivank and Raavi will be seen bashing her for not siding with her amidst her fight with Aarushi.

Published: Friday,May 19, 2023 15:42 PM GMT-06:00
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Alice Kaushik and Shiny Doshi

Star Plus's show Pandya Store has been keeping the audience glued with its current track. The show has witnessed a new entry recently in the form of Aarushi, who is trying to cause trouble between Raavi and Shiva. Meanwhile, Shivank has left no stone unturned in creating rifts in the Pandya house.

In the upcoming episodes of Pandya Store, the audience will see Dhara revolt against Shivank. Dhara will be seen warning Shivank to get rid of his tactics and will  also tell him that if he does not do it, she will destroy him. Raavi will come there and hear everything and will ask her why isn't she doing anything about Aarushi who is trying to cause troubles in her and Shiva's marriage and that she has really troubled her. However, what will Dhara and Raavi do about Aarushi is something that we are all looking forward to. 

In the episode of Pandya Store today, the audience will see Shiva tell in front of Suman and others that he and Suman like each other. He will later add that if he and Aarushi are together, they can also get married to each other. This does not go down well with Raavi and she gets very angry. 

Are you excited to watch the upcoming track of Pandya Store? Let us know in the comments below. 

Shiny Doshi Kanwar Dhillon Alice Kaushik Pandya Store 

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throwaway123 @throwaway123 4 months ago Namooni will be taken for another ride, this time by Shwetha and Shivank.. Why this woman is so dumb lol.
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mpks1 @mpks1 4 months ago Three days , three articles on Dhara, baaki sab toh Props hai aur nalayak bhi hai🙄🙄🙄
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mpks1 @mpks1 4 months ago Why is Raavi even trying to get the loser/bailbuddhi back? He is just a lost cause, not worth it at all and can never be redeemed. She should divorce him and move on with her life and focus on raising Mitthu to be a young, able and a well rounded young man most importantly she should teach him to respect others.
Bhabima can deal with Shuvank, Shwera, Shiva, Arushi, Dev, Rishita, Piddhi, Prerna, Gautam, Suman and the other bacchas. She is a one woman army 🙄🙄
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Lostin90s @Lostin90s 4 months ago All the problems of PS family stem from one person: Dhara. She is so toxic that she can’t see others happy if she is not the reason of their happiness.
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spdp @spdp 4 months ago Dhara se mukti will be best thing for this show. Overdose of Dhara kris prena is adding to annoying disconnect.
Dhara’s sister has problem with Dhara - then go after useless Gombi. Why shiva & raavi?

Why every villian/ vamp has problem with Dhara but harrases, creates problem for Raavi & Shiva?
Why Raavi & Shiva long happy scenes are not given (like Dhara Gombi’s) , in award nominations Gautam & dhara are pushed as main leads - but all trials & troubles in the show come for Shiva & Raavi.

See other shows: Sai Anupama akshara imlie: troubles comes for leads.
Here Dhara has full unquestioned control on everything. She never gets called out. Never gets punished.
Just like vamps/ evils.

Raavi gets called ganda khoon, panauti, kachra by Suman; krish calls her Namooni for saving shiva from shweta. Suman tells Raavi to stay in limit when she tries to take care of shiva.
But Dhara gets krish married to shweta, Suman krish none have anything for Dhara: instead hail Dhara, dhara mahan chanting continues!!

And this forced 3 rd angle , again for Shiva Raavi !!!! for mentally unstable for 7 years, in love with his wife , father , this is is sickening.
instead of exploring on good memory loss track. Why? So that Dhara stays relevant in ShiVi Story!!!

Lame. Annoying. Boring. And flop.
No wonder trp is going down. If they still continue this Arushi chapter for shiva Raavi- show is doomed. This time no one is going to fall for it.
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