Devi gets the axe now; Rakt Sambandh to get the 10 PM slot

After Jamunia and Kashi, Imagine now decides to end the reign of Devi. The new show Rakt Sambandh takes it place..

Neer Bhare Tere Naina Devi on Imagine, produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms started on January 10th 2010 with a lot of promise. Based on a true story, Devi introduced a series of coincidences and blind faith.

Though the show had been doing decent on the TRP charts, Imagine has taken the decision to axe the show and get their new multi starrer show produced by UTV Telly Talkies, Rakt Sambandh at the slot of 10 PM.

For the uninitiated, the channel recently ended the run of two of their shows, Kashi and Jamunia abruptly, as the shows were not delivering numbers. Just like Kashi, Devi too had taken a generation leap recently.

A little birdie tells us, "Even though Devi was far better than Jamunia and Kashi in ratings, the channel had no other choice left. They had earlier planned to wind up Palkon Ki Chaaon Mein of Rashmi Sharma, but the show recently managed to get a six months extension due to sudden rise in numbers. The other shows like Do Hanson Ka Jodaa, Bandini and Jyoti are doing considerably well and could not be touched. Hence the axe fell on Devi".

Devi will be ending on 16th July and Rakt Sambandh wil launch on July 19th at the 10 PM slot, every Monday to Friday.

When contacted, Dipali Pansare claimed that she does not know anything of this development. "I have not been shooting of late for Devi. But I have not heard anything about the show going off air".

However, Producer Shyamashis Bhattacharya confirmed in a text message that Devi is going off air.

We sent a text message to Saurabh Tewary, Programming Head, Imagine but we did not get any response..

Rakt Sambandh is the tale of five sisters who are bonded together by blood ties even after they go thro' their individual trials in life. The show boasts of a huge cast and has South actor Kitty, Kavita Kapoor, Mohan Bhandari, Sriti Jha, Sayantani Ghosh, Sachin Shroff, Dhruv Bhandari, Gungun Uprari, Sonali Nikam and many others.

Let's see whether Rakt Sambandh can give the channel the much needed boost with regards to numbers!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Dhruv Bhandari

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Devi - Neer Bhare Tere Naina

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Comments (19)

The trailor of rakt sambandh itself is so rondu types...its gonna be one more rondu serial...

13 years ago

i dont want to know anything about the other shows . just give us the news when kmh 2 is starting!.as for the article it wud have been better if they had ended is a rubbish show

13 years ago

i wud hav preferred thm ending DHKJ or PKCM

13 years ago

good!! do hell with the other shows.. tell me wens KMH2 starting?

13 years ago

please put rakt sambandh in 7 to 8 pm sot

13 years ago

I can only say Vinsh Kaale Viparit Buddhi. The channel had a good serial on hand and refreshingly different story line with good ensemble of cast. Rakht Sambhandh will not last even two months.

13 years ago

devi was a gr8 show they cud hv given anoder slot to rakht sbandh
though i stopped watching devi after d leap but it was a gr8 show

13 years ago

Rakht Sambhandh does not sound anything new!!!!

Also why is it always 5 sisters??

13 years ago

i liked the show frankly speaking,they could have kept in 7 pm slot

13 years ago

I knew it! But it wasn't that bad, could have been better, considering it was a show produced by Shakuntalam. Anyway, looking forward to Rakht Sambandh

13 years ago

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